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Credit-bearing internships at NAU are a collaboration between the company or individual offering an intern position, student intern, and NAU internship coordinator or faculty member.

Successful internships involve clear work expectations, transparent communication, and a focus on the student intern’s learning experience.

How it works

An internship provides students with a guided introduction to the professional working world at or near the end of their program of study.

Student responsibilities

There are numerous opportunities at Northern Arizona University for students to participate in internships.

Internships are usually sponsored through the college or school of your major and can take place locally, regionally, nationally, or internationally. Some majors require internships, or have a practicum component built into the curriculum; others encourage, but do not require, internships for career exploration and practical experience.

As a student, you are responsible for finding a suitable internship position. For internship opportunities associated with a given major, contact the departmental internship representative.

Internship and job opportunities

An internship lets you test your career skills and boost your résumé. Find internships on the Handshake job portal or explore more resources with the Career Development office.

Internship forms

To receive academic credit for your internship, you must work with a faculty advisor. These faculty mentors will work with you to ensure you’ve completed the relevant forms and followed the correct procedures to complete a credit-bearing internship in their department.

Faculty responsibilities

Internship requirements vary within the CAL departments. Your department contact can give you detailed information on internship requirements in your college or school.

Before supervising a credit-bearing internship, be sure to review the general guidelines and step-by-step guide.

Employer responsibilities

Learn more about how to offer an internship.