Dorothy Dunn

Dorothy Dunn Associate Professor
Northern Arizona University
Blg 72 Rm #201A

Primary teaching area
Assessment, Gerontology, Nurse Practitioner

Primary research area
Compassion Energy

Primary clinical area
Family Nurse Practitioner

Teaching: Across the nursing curriculum, currently teaching Introduction to Nursing as a Discipline and Profession, Gerontology, and Family Theory and Practice, and Global Healthcare in India and Guatemala.

Research: Aging, Caregiving, Dunn’s Theory of Compassion Energy, Dementia, Qualitative Research

  • Psychoeducation Intervention Program for caregivers of Persons with Early Stage Dementia: Exploring Quality of Life and Self-compassion
  • Development of a Middle Range Theory: Dunn’s Theory of Compassion Energy
  • The Lived Experience of Unpaid Caregivers of Persons Diagnosed with Mild Alzheimer’s Disease: A Descriptive Phenomenological Pilot Study
  • Older Gay and Lesbian Partner Caregivers of Persons with Alzheimer’s disease or a Related Disorder: A Systematic Review
  • Adult daughters who care for self while caring for their mild cognitively impaired mothers: Phenomenological Pilot Study 
  • The Lived Experience of Compassion in Nursing: A secondary analysis from archival data
  • The Lived Experience of Interdisciplinary University Study Abroad Program at a Tibetan refugee Settlement
  • The Lived Experience of Global Interprofessional Compassionate caring in Guatemala
  • The Meaning of Academic-Service-Learning Pedagogy for Undergraduate Nursing Students' Understanding of Community Health Nursing: A Heideggerian Hermeneutic Phenomenological Study
  • Managing Osteoarthritis in South Florida: Interdisciplinary Interventional Pilot Study with school of social work and college of nursing for older adults in the community studying complementary alternative modalities of Reiki, chair yoga and patient education



  • North America Region 2 Coordinator of Sigma Theta Tau International
  • President of Lambda Omicron Chapter of Sigma Theta Tau International
  • Secretary of Society of Rogerian Scholars
  • Treasurer of Northern Arizona Gerontological Association


Faculty Practice: Dunn Family Wellness, LLC consultant for comprehensive memory loss assessment, evaluation, diagnoses, treatment, and recommendation as a Family Nurse Practitioner for the patient, caregiver, and provider.





Christine E. Lynn College of Nursing

Florida Atlantic University

Boca Raton, FL 33431





Vanderbilt University

Family Nurse Practitioner

Nashville, TN 37240





Roger Williams University

School-Nurse Teaching Certification

Bristol, RI 02819




Rhode Island College

Providence, RI 02908




2011 – Present

Assistant Professor

College of Health & Human Services, School of Nursing

Northern Arizona University, Flagstaff, Arizona




2008 – 2011

Clinical Faculty, Accelerated Program


Christine E. Lynn College of Nursing, Florida Atlantic University, Boca Raton, FL




  • Northern Arizona University, School of Nursing 2014 Online Teaching Award
  • Northern Arizona University 2013 Provost Award for Faculty Excellence for Global Learning
  • Research Poster Award 1st place, Florida Association of School Nurses 2010
  • Florida Atlantic University Research Dissertation Year 2009 Award
  • Research Poster Award, 2nd Place, Florida Association of School Nurses 2009
  • Florida State Fellowship, Florida Atlantic University 2006-2009

Referred journals and work

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Book chapters

  • Dunn, D. J. (2014). Vulnerable Populations Chapter 6 In D. D’Amico and C. Barbarito 2nd Ed. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson
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