If you care about helping people and enjoy science, a career as a dental hygienist may be for you. Learn more about getting your degree in dental hygiene at Northern Arizona University, and beginning a gratifying career making a healthy difference in people’s lives.

Dental Hygiene International Learning

The Dental Hygiene Department was awarded the Provost Award for Excellence in Global Learning on April 23rd, 2014.

Every year, the Dental Hygiene Department travels to under-served areas all over the world to provide dental hygiene services to citizens in need. Participation in the International Community Partnership affords dental hygiene students the opportunity to work among various cultures in the health disciplines, internationally contributing to the process of global engagement as a NAU dental hygiene student.  Through this process, students understand the role of a dental hygiene advanced public health practitioner while working as an interdisciplinary team member.

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Our Dental Hygiene Program is fully accredited by the American Dental Association Commision on Accreditation.