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International Friends Program

The International Friends Program (iFriends) connects international students at NAU with other international and domestic students for an intercultural experience.

Community organizations and the Center for International Education (CIE) also sponsor activities for participants, including:

  • hiking
  • holiday parties
  • picnics

iFriends groups

Students are matched to a group at the beginning of each semester. Each group will have iFriends leaders and group members. Groups will include participants with a variety of interests, backgrounds, ages, and languages spoken.

iFriend activities

iFriends groups are encouraged to:

  • attend activities sponsored by community organizations and CIE
  • contact each other by phone or email at least once every two weeks, and consider setting up a group chat
  • get together at least once a month

Group activities may include:

  • movies
  • shopping
  • going to the gym
  • going out for coffee or ice cream
  • attending campus events


iFriends provides students with:

  • local support and a contact group in Flagstaff when they encounter difficulties or have questions
  • an opportunity to learn more about diverse cultures
  • a great chance to improve language skills