Dr. Mary Reid


Professor, Chair


Ph.D, Massachusetts Institute of Technology


Igneous petrology and geochemistry

Research interests

I am interested in the geochemical evolution of the lithosphere, especially as exemplified in the Quaternary.  My current research efforts are primarily focused on the timescales of magmatic processes as constrained by analytical and theoretical considerations, including the in situ analyses of Th isotopes in minerals that I developed for the high resolution ion microprobe.  Other targets of my research investigations include the mantle lithosphere and lower crust, ocean island and arc volcanism, exposure age dating, and accretionary prisms.  In support of my research, I have maintained a clean laboratory and thermal ionization mass spectrometry laboratory for high precision - including U-series nuclides - isotopic analyses, co-managed the UCLA Ion Microprobe Facility, and am now involved in research employing a laser-assisted multi-collector inductively coupled mass spectrometer.

Representative publications

(§ Student authors)

37.  Cooper, K.M. and Reid, M.R., 2008.  Uranium-Series Crystal Ages, in Review of Mineralogy and Geochemistry.

36. Reid, M.R., 2008, How long does it take to supersize and eruption? Elements 4, 23–28.

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Office: 212 Geology Annex (Building 13) 
Phone: 928-523-7200
E-mail: Mary.Reid@nau.edu