The School of Forestry takes pride in its faculty. In addition to a wealth of academic knowledge, the faculty have extensive professional working experience. Professional degrees from more than thirty-five colleges and universities are represented by the faculty. Collectively, they have held positions with universities, state and federal governments, varied domestic and foreign industries, international organizations, and private interest groups. This wide knowledge and experience is uniquely available to the student with an innovative team-teaching approach by our faculty.

Allen, James A. (Executive Director, School of Forestry)

Management and Restoration of Forested Wetlands; International Forestry
Ecology of freshwater forested wetlands and mangroves; restoration of wetlands; forestry practices of smallholders in developing countries.
E-mail: James.Allen@nau.edu 

Auty, David

Forest Products and Wood Technology
Wood science and utilization, wood properties modeling and simulation, links between forest management and wood quality.
E-mail: David.Auty@nau.edu 

Beier, Paul

Wildlife Ecology
Wildlife population dynamics, conservation biology, wildlife habitat relationships, impact of forest and range practices on wildlife.
Personal Home Page; E-mail: Paul.Beier@nau.edu 

Bowker, Matthew

Community and Ecosystem Ecology of Soils
Ecosystem and community ecology of sub-humid and dryer ecosystems (inclusive of some forests, woodlands, grasslands, steppes and deserts).
E-mail: Matthew.Bowker@nau.edu 

Chambers, Carol L.

Wildlife Ecology
Wildlife habitat relationships, effects of disturbance (natural or human-induced) on wildlife, ecosystem restoration, conservation biology, inventory and monitoring.
E-mail: Carol.Chambers@nau.edu 

Covington, William Wallace

Forest Ecology
Restoration ecology, adaptive ecosystem management, fire ecology.
E-mail: W.Wallace.Covington@nau.edu 

 De La Torre, Amanda

Forest Genetics

Genetics, genomics and evolution of forest tree species.  Genomics of adaptation to climate. Hybridization and the maintenance of species barriers. Genome evolution. Ecological or Landscape genomics. Applications of genomics to forest tree breeding and conservation.
E-mail: Amanda.de-la-torre@nau.edu 

Fox, Bruce E.

Forest Management
Forest operations, forest management and economics, land management planning.
E-mail: Bruce.Fox@nau.edu 

Fulé, Peter Z.

 Forest Ecology
Ecological restoration, Cordilleran forests (southwestern US and northern Mexico), fire ecology.
E-mail: Pete.Fule@nau.edu 

Han, Han-sup

 Forest Engineering
Forest Operations and Biomass Utilization
E-mail: Han-Sup.Han@nau.edu 

Hofstetter, Richard

Ecology and Forest Entomology
Community ecology, insect population dynamics, tritrophic interactions, mutualisms, ecology and evolution of bark beetles and their associated mites and fungi.
E-mail: Rich.Hofstetter@nau.edu 

Hospodarsky, Denver C.

Forest Recreation
Regional recreation planning, natural resource-based community stability, human ecological systems.
E-mail: Denver.Hospodarsky@nau.edu 

Huang, Ching-Hsun

Forest Economics
Optimal Forest Management, Carbon Sequestration, Market and Non-market Ecosystem Services.
E-mail: Ching.Huang@nau.edu 

Kim, Yeon-Su

Ecological Economics
Regional economic impact analysis, nonmarket valuation.
E-mail: Yeon-Su.Kim@nau.edu 

Kolb, Thomas E.

Forest Ecology
Tree physiology, ecophysiology of ponderosa pine, riparian and pinyon-juniper forests.
E-mail: Tom.Kolb@nau.edu 

Laporte, Nadine T.

Tropical forest mapping  & monitoring
Tropical Forest mapping – remote sensing - carbon mapping- spatial analysis – forest conservation - Biodiversity and carbon corridor modeling- Restoration- REDD+- Africa
E-mail : Nadine.Laporte@nau.edu 

Lee, Martha E.

Wildland Recreation
Recreation behavior, benefits of leisure and recreation, visitor perceptions, survey sampling.
E-mail: Martha.Lee@nau.edu 

Mathiasen, Robert L.

Forest Health/Forest Pathology
Forest health, tree diseases, systematics and population biology of dwarf mistletoes, influence of forest management practices on forest tree diseases.
E-mail: Robert.Mathiasen@nau.edu 

Moore, Margaret M.

Plant Ecology
Forest and range community ecology, restoration ecology, landscape ecology, spatial analysis.
E-mail: Margaret.Moore@nau.edu 

Sánchez Meador, Andrew J.

Forest Biometrics and Quantitative Ecology
Forest biometrics, ecological restoration, applied sampling, spatial and temporal analysis techniques, vegetation dynamics and demographic modeling, computer science and information design.
E-mail: Andrew.SanchezMeador@nau.edu 

Tecle, Aregai

Hydrology and Systems Analysis
Modeling hydrological processes, multi-criterion decision making, conflict resolution in multiresource management, integrated forest resource systems analysis, analysis of water quality programs.
E-mail: Aregai.Tecle@nau.edu 

Thode, Andrea E.

Fire Ecology
Landscape ecology, restoration ecology, community ecology, fire behavior and fire effects.
E-mail: Andi.Thode@nau.edu 

Waring, Kristen M.

Forest stand dynamics, applied forest health, multiaged management, management of introduced pests.
E-mail: Kristen.Waring@nau.edu