Paul Beier, Ph.D. - Regents' Professor

beier Research Interests

Wildlife Ecology, Conservation Biology

Conservation Planning and Wildlife Ecology

For 25 years I have specialized in science-based design of wildlife corridors and unabashed activism for conserving them on the ground. Recent projects are developing rigorous estimates of landscape resistance to gene flow and movement for various species. We work with managers to implement corridor designs and apply scientific information to enhance real-world connectivity. In urban southern California, in diverse landscapes in Arizona, and in the transborder area of Ghana, Togo, and Burkina Faso, each corridor project is a true partnership among diverse stakeholders. We also study the effects of hikers and bikers on wildlife, long-term response of Mexican spotted owls to stand-replacing fire, and other questions relevant to conservation and management.

Since 2010, I’ve developed a second obsession with “conserving the stage” (CTS) – prioritizing sites for conservation on the basis of their topographic and soil traits, in the hope that such sites will interact with any climate (including the wild card climates coming at us) to harbor most species. The world desperately needs a coarse-filter climate-adaptation strategy that does not depend on rococo models in which emission scenarios drive circulation models which drive species envelope models linked to species dispersal models. Sadly, the desperate need for CTS does not guarantee it is a good strategy. We are working hard to develop and assess CTS strategies so planners can lurch forward armed with an appropriate mix of trepidation and confidence.

During 2002-2015, I served on the Board of Governors of the Society for Conservation Biology, the only truly global society for conservation professionals, with SCB Sections serving each continent. My service included terms as Secretary and President. I was instrumental in having the Society adopt its first code of ethics and in having SCB become the first professional society to commit to fully offset the greenhouse gas impacts of our conferences and other activities.

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B.A., Catholic University of America, 1973
M.S., University of California at Berkeley, 1985
Ph.D., University of California at Berkeley, 1988

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Office: Building 82 - Room 239
Phone: 928.523.9341

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