Sustainable Energy Laboratory


The Sustainable Energy Laboratory is an instructional and research facility for the development of sustainable energy technologies like:

  • Wind
  • Solar
  • Hydrogen
Also associated with the lab is a computer cluster of 48 servers on stacks for high speed computations, which is housed in the main engineering building, room 225.


The Sustainable Energy Laboratory serves as the main lab environment for two courses, ME 435 – Wind Energy Engineering and ME 451 – Renewable Energy, at the same time it supports Senior Capstone Projects that are related to sustainable energy solutions. Associated with the instructional activities is the "solar shack", which is a facility located between the engineering and the forestry buildings. This facility includes a small building of 419 ft2 and a surrounding space of 5,500 ft2 where the wind turbines and solar arrays are located. 

 Equipment used:

  • Air and Bergey wind turbines
  • buildings with solars shingles
  • photovoltaic array
  • computers

 Faculty in charge:

See the website for the Sustainable Energy Solutions group at NAU.