Master of Arts in Science Teaching

This master’s program is unique in that it focuses solely on science education. 


The Master of Arts in Science Teaching (MAST) graduate program can be taken on either a part-time or full-time basis.

Please choose the appropriate option for more information.



Allows you to continue teaching in the classroom while focusing on improving practice and content knowledge. Available on campus and online through video conferencing.



Allows you to immerse yourself in your studies here on the Flagstaff, Arizona campus while taking a full assortment of graduate-level science courses. Graduate research assistantships are available to help fund your education.

The MAST degree is a rigorous continuing education program designed for practicing teachers to deepen their knowledge of the content and to enhance their classroom practice through a focus on research-based teaching strategies that make science accessible to learners. The program is unique in that it focuses solely on science education allowing students to be part of a supportive cohort of high-achieving science teachers taught by faculty who specialize and conduct research in science education. We strive to provide a cutting-edge, high-quality program that will utilize your professional experiences and build upon your content knowledge to become a highly effective secondary science teacher and leader.

If you are unsure which option is right for you, contact the lead faculty advisor:

Ron Gray, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Science Education
Bldg. 36, Rm. 526