About CSTL

The Center for Science Teaching and Learning is a teaching, research, evaluation, and materials resource and service-provider for:
  • science faculty and students across the Northern Arizona University campus
  • K-20 science teachers statewide
  • informal educators statewide, such as museum and arboretum staff, park services, etc.


CSTL Mission and Vision


The CSTL mission is to have a deep and lasting impact on science education and educators in Arizona and beyond through innovative STEM partnerships, programs, services and scholarship.


The CSTL seeks to be an international leader in science and STEM education by:

  • Offering Initial Secondary Science and Mathematics Teacher Preparation through our undergraduate NAUTeach program;
  • Offering Initial Secondary Science Teacher Preparation through our MAT-S masters degree program;
  • Offering Continuing Professional Learning opportunities including induction support, professional development, and graduate degree programs for Science/STEM Educators;
  • Developing and continuing a rigorous Research and Evaluation agenda in Science/STEM Education;
  • Developing a Doctoral Program for Science/STEM Educators;
  • Offering programs for School-wide Leadership and Capacity Building in STEM Education; and
  • Providing partnership with and leadership in local, state, national and international organizations and initiatives for continual advancement and improvement of science/STEM Education.

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