Thank you for your interest in the CCC2NAU program!


The CCC2NAU program provides an extremely affordable and  innovative way to smooth a student's path toward a completing a bachelor's degree with tailored advisement and institutional collaboration, including access to amenities at NAU. Started in 2008 this unique program is the first of it's kind in Arizona and has since become a state and national model for other transition programs. The  

 CCC2NAU  program has served more than 2,600 students, compared to a starting cohort of 15 in 2008. It is our intent to help students save money, feel a connection to both Coconino Community College and Northern Arizona University, and to help facilitate completion of their educational goals. To accomplish this, we provide:  

  • significant cost savings in tuition and smaller class sizes
  • a waived application fee to the university ($25)
  • a university email address and free NAU ID card ($25)
  • seamless transfer of credits between the two institutions and free transcript exchange
  • Scholarships dedicated to 2NAU students at both CCC and NAU
  • advising from expert, cross-trained staff including one-on-one guidance in navigating admission requirements
  • the option to live in the residence halls on NAU's campus
  • the option to purchase access to NAU campus events, the Health and Learning Center , and NAU Dining Services. 
  • full privileges at the university library 
  • ability to dual enroll at both institutions
  • access to university student organizations 
  • info sessions clarifying program benefits

Please call 928-226-4323 or stop by the Reception Desk in Student Development to schedule an appointment with a CCC2NAU advisor.

 For a printable version of our program  information, please check out our Information for New Students Newsletter