Campus Supply

Campus Supply is Northern Arizona University’s central warehouse and stores operation. Campus Supply stocks a variety of products necessary for the care and operation of Northern Arizona University’s 80 plus facilities, its academic and administrative missions and our Intergovernmental Agency (IGA) partners.

Campus Supply stocks approximately 2000 items in a 16,000 square foot warehouse and is capable of ordering any item needed through carefully negotiated contracts. Contracts are based on volume purchases, allowing Campus Supply to offer competitive pricing while passing on savings to our customers.

Under the umbrella of Campus Supply is the University’s Shipping and Receiving department. A majority of  the materials ordered for Northern Arizona University is delivered to Shipping and Receiving, which is re-delivered to campus departments. 

Mission statement

To provide a level of service that ensures proficient material management and excellent customer service.  Campus Supply practices empowerment to achieve the highest level of efficiency required to support the foundation of higher education.