Belay Policy

In order to belay at the climbing wall you must be belay certified by Climbing Wall staff. You can become certified by taking a belay test during open hours. Those interested in learning to belay can attend a clinic.

Belay Certification Process

Our process is as follows:

  1. Attend a belay clinic. The clinic is not required if you already know how to belay and are able to pass the belay test without taking the clinic.
  2. Take the belay test. You will demonstrate proficiency in belaying and equipment usage.

We ask all participants to use the PBUS belay method, Pull, Break, Under, Slide.

Our Belay Card System

Belay cards help our staff easily identify individuals both new and experienced so they can more efficiently supervise and provide assistance to climbers at the wall. Our cards include:  

  • beginner belay card (expires after 6 weeks)
  • competent belay card (expires after 2 years)
  • lead card (expires after 1 year)