Challenge Course Programs

Recreational 2 145x130Recreational

Play on the high course elements or climbing wall with the focus being fun and adventure. Recreational programs are great for birthday parties, reunions and social events. 
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Developmental 145x130Developmental

Progress through a series of activities and debriefs on the mobile, low and high course with a focus on one or more of the following topic areas: General Teamwork, Ice Breakers, Trust, Communication, Inter-Personal Skills, Leadership, Planning and Process. 
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team challengeAdventure in Motion: Portable Programming

We bring the developmental low course activities to your site or location. 

Let us come to you!


  • A large number of challenge course activities can be conducted in any location.
  • Take advantage of our team-building experience where it is most convenient for you. 
  • We are happy to send our highly-skilled facilitator team and all needed gear to your location. 
  • Get your team laughing, communicating, and problem solving in as little as one hour. 
  • Our facilitators help you plan an itinerary perfect for your group’s goals, participants, and activity space.

Weather an issue at your site? Ask about the indoor Challenge Program on the NAU Campus and our amazing Climbing Wall.

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Wilderness Retreats 145x130Wilderness Retreats

An overnight wilderness retreat that expands the Challenge Course experience and adds the adventure of the Centennial Forest, the world’s largest continuous Ponderosa Pine forest.

Many of these experiences may be customized to meet your goals and needs. Below are just a few of the options available. Make a reservation today!


  • wall tents with bunk beds for up to 38 people
  • a large ramada
  • wildlife viewing and star gazing


  • interpretive programming
  • outdoor survival skills
  • map and compass challenge  

Trainings 145x130Training

Challenge Course Facilitator Training

Physical challenge: 1 2 3 4 5
Activity: Leadership Training
Credit: 2, PRM 214

The Challenge Course is a series of adventure-based learning activities designed to facilitate a unique Community building experience. Students will learn how to facilitate team building activities and high element challenges, monitor safety, conduct debriefs, understand hardware, and set-up/take-down the challenge course. Facilitator training is taught in accordance to the current ACCT standards and is an intense experience that teaches the most up-to-date procedures and standards. Enroll today!


Excellent hands-on training. Not only do you get to have fun doing challenges, but you get to understand the how and why of the activities.” - Brad Rishel

“I was so impressed by the Challenge Course I signed up to attend the facilitator training. It was a great opportunity to increase my skills. I was able to learn some great activities that I have used often. It also allowed me to have a deeper respect for the staff at the Challenge Course; they truly give it their all at each Challenge Course and the participants benefit.”- Sara Gjere, Program Coordinator of Northern Arizona University Educational Talent Search