Jamie Bozincnik

Jamie Bozincnik
Northern Arizona University

Hometown: Goodland, FL
Favorite Low Course Activity or Element: The Wall
Favorite High Course Element: The Power Pole
Favorite Challenge Course Theme: Problem solving with communication barriers.
Top 2 favorite leisure pursuits: Hiking and reading
How long you have been facilitating/brief facilitation history: I have been working for the challenge course since may 2012. I was an intern for the challenge course over the summer and it really threw me into the mix and I found something that is a challenging and rewarding job. I am currently a facilitator and love working with all the different types of groups that come in. One of my favorite things about my job are the people I work with because I get to see how passionate they are about their jobs and the impacts they have on the participants that come through our program. I feel very thankful for being apart of the challenge course family!