The Museum Studies Minor serves students who wish to explore the field of museum studies and/or employment in museums. Museum Studies core courses afford students an understanding of the theory and practice central to the study of museums and careers in museums. In addition to completing two core courses, students are expected to complete a course in their major area of study that relates to museums. This affords them the chance to integrate knowledge thus far acquired with key concepts and issues in their primary field of study. Students also complete either 9 practicum credits or a combination of 6 practicum credits and 3 project credits. Practicum credits involve work as an intern in a gallery, museum, or other appropriate institution, and project credits entail completion of a research project culminating in either a paper on museums and/or museology, an exhibition, or some other appropriate endeavor (such as an archival or registrarial project). The final project is expected to show a synthesis of the students’ classroom and real world experience.