William Crawford, PhD

William Crawford Associate Professor
Northern Arizona University
Applied Linguistics
Blg 23 Rm #322
Phone: 928-523-5987


William J. Crawford, Ph.D. (University of Wisconsin, 2002)
Associate Professor, Applied Linguistics

Special Interests

  • Second language acquisition
  • Second language writing
  • Corpus linguistics
  • Teaching grammar



  • Crawford, W. & Csomay, E. (2016). Doing corpus linguistics. New York: Routledge.

Book chapters

  • McDonough, K., Crawford, W. & De Vleeschauwer, J. (2016). Thai EFL learners’ interaction during collaborative writing tasks and its relationship to text quality. In Peer interaction and second language learning: Pedagogical potential and research agenda. (M. Sato & S. Ballinger, Eds.) Philadelphia: John Benjamins.

Journal Articles

  • McDonough, K., Crawford, W. & Mackey, A. (2015). Creativity and English L2 speakers’ language use during a group decision-making task. TESOL Quarterly,12, 188-199.
  • McDonough, K., Crawford, W., & De Vleeschauwer, J. (2014). Summary writing in a Thai EFL university context: Students’ use of source texts. Journal of Second Language Writing, 34, 20-32.


  • McDonough, K. & Crawford, W. (2016). Comparing Thai university students’ collaborative and individual writing. Canadian Association of Applied Linguists. Calgary, CA.
  • Zhang, M. & Crawford, W. (2016). L1 and L2 Use in Collaborative L2 Writing: A Lexico-grammatical Perspective American Association of Applied Linguists. Orlando, Fl.
  • Crawford, W. & McDonough, K. (2015). Comparing the complexity of Thai EFLlearners’ individual and collaborative texts. American Association of Applied Linguists. Toronto, CA.