Joan Jamieson, PhD

Joan Jamieson Professor
Northern Arizona University
Applied Linguistics
Blg 23 Rm #320
Phone: 928-523-6277


Joan Jamieson, Ph.D. (University of Illinois, Urbana, 1986)
Professor, Applied Linguistics

Special interests

  • Second Language Testing
  • Research Design and Statistics for Applied Linguistics
  • Technology and Second Language Learning, Teaching, & Testing


    • Ph.D. in Second Language Acquisition and Teacher Education, 1986. University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign.
    • M.A. in Linguistics, 1977. Southern Illinois University, Carbondale
    • B.A. in English, 1975. University of Dayton, Dayton, OH

    Professional Positions

    • Professor, Department of English, Northern Arizona University, 1999-present
    • Fulbright Senior Specialist, Education: Educational Assessment, Evaluation, Research, 2006-2011
    • Visiting Scholar, Dep't. of Psychological and Quantitative Foundations, University of Iowa, 2002 - 2003
    • Visiting Scholar, Educational Testing Service, Princeton, NJ, 1995-1996 

      Selected Publications / Computerized Assessments

      • Jamieson, J., Wang, L., & Church, J.  2013. In-house or commercial speaking tests: Considering strengths for EAP placement. Journal of English for Academic Purposes, 12, 288-298.
      • Jamieson, J. 2013. Defining constructs and assessment design. In A. Kunnan (Ed.), Companion to assessment. London: Blackwell. 
      • Jamieson, J., & Poonpon, K. 2013. Refining TOEFL iBT’s integrated speaking scoring rubric for instructional feedback and rater training. (TOEFL Research Report RR-13-13). Princeton, NJ:  Educational Testing Service.
      • Jamieson, J., & McDonough, K. (Eds). 2013. Quantitative and mixed-methods section (56 entries). In C. Chapelle (Ed.), Encyclopedia of applied linguistics.  London: Blackwell.
      • Jamieson, J. 2011. Achievement testing. In E. Hinkel, (Ed.), Handbook of research in second language learning and teaching. New York:  Routledge/Taylor and Francis Group.
      • Jamieson, J., & Chapelle, C. 2010. Evaluating CALL use across multiple contexts  System, 38, 357-369.
      • Chapelle, C., Enright, M., & Jamieson, J. 2010. Does an argument-based approach to validity make a difference?  Educational Measurement: Issues and Practice, 29, 1, 3-13.
      • Chapelle, C., Enright, M., & Jamieson, J. (Eds.) 2008. Building a validity argument for TOEFL.  New York:  Routledge/Taylor and Francis Group.
      • Chapelle, C., & Jamieson, J. 2008. Tips for teachers: Computer-assisted language learning.  New York:  Pearson Longman.
      • Jamieson, J., C. Chapelle, & D. Douglas.  2002.  Talking Business Assessments.  New York:  Pearson Education.
      • Jamieson, J., Chapelle, C., Grant, L., Asencion, Y., & Garcia, P. 2002. Longman English Interactive Assessments. New York: Pearson Education. 

      Selected Presentations

      • Jamieson, J. & May, N. 2014. Outcomes-based assessment for learning in an EAP program. Midwest Association of Language Testers, Ann Arbor, MI.
      • Jamieson, J., Church, J., & Laird, J. 2011. Issues developing a semi-adaptive English placement test. Midwest Association of Language Testers, Ames, IA.
      • Jamieson, J., & Poonpon, K. 2010. Rating guide development for speaking's dimensions: Delivery, language use, topic development.  Poster session, Language Testing Research Colloquium, Cambridge, UK.
      • Jamieson, J. 2009. What makes a test academic? How TOEFL stacks up. TESOL, Denver, CO.
      • Jamieson, J.  2008. Integrating CALL into the Curriculum. MICELT, Sengalor, Malaysia.
      • Jamieson, J., Keck, C., Vasquez, C., & Komiyama, R.  2005. Developing scholar-teachers in applied linguistics doctoral education.  AILA, Madison, WI.