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Applying for readmission

How to attend NAU as a returning student

If you are a former, degree-seeking NAU student who has not been enrolled in any of the last three consecutive terms, you can apply for readmission. Please note that the application for readmission is for undergraduates only.

Readmission requirements

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A returning or readmitted NAU student must meet at least one of the following requirements:

  • Have previously taken coursework at NAU as a degree-seeking student (not including withdrawals) AND have not taken courses at NAU for at least three consecutive semesters.
  • Have completed a previous bachelor’s degree at NAU and wish to take additional classes or begin a second bachelor’s degree.

Do not fill out the application for readmission if you do not meet the criteria or if you:

Have other college credits?

If you’ve attended any other higher ed institution since your last attendance at NAU, you’ll need to upload your official transcripts for the purpose of reflecting transfer credits.