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NAU Broadband/Wi-Fi Resources

With teaching and learning transitioned online, NAU will be providing the Lumberjack community with updates regarding broadband and Wi-Fi resources.

Feel free to view NAU’s Wi-Fi hotspot map.

4/9/2020: Governor Ducey announced 200 Internet hotspots for students in rural communities. The Arizona Department of Administration identified more than 200 hotspot devices across state government that the state is offering to students. The Arizona Department of Education (ADE) is working with schools across the state to match the hotspot devices to students that have access to take-home computers, but do not have home internet service. Find more information in the Navajo and Hopi nations Wi-Fi hotspots accordion below.

Flagstaff Mountain Campus To activate the Flagstaff Mountain Campus tab, press your spacebar.

NAU Information Technology Services (ITS) has upgraded their Internet connection from 10 gigabytes to 40 gigabytes. Following social distancing guidelines, faculty and students will have adequate of bandwidth, as they transition their teaching and learning online.

  • For those seeking greater isolation, a Drive-Up Wi-Fi service is available in parking lot 16 (P16). For more information, refer to our  Drive-Up Wi-Fi page

Navajo and Hopi nations Wi-Fi hotspots To activate the Navajo and Hopi nations Wi-Fi hotspots tab, press your spacebar.

Native American students with little or no Internet at home can now access Wi-Fi hotspots on the Navajo and Hopi nations to continue their classes online.

NAU recently got clearance from Navajo and Hopi leadership to extend Wi-Fi from buildings to parking lots in select locations, allowing students to access online classes from their vehicles while practicing social distancing.

These parking lot hotspots are open to students from any K12 and college institution and will provide internet access for any mobile device, including laptops and smartphones.

For more information, contact the Office of Native American Initiatives at 928-523-3849, or reach out to Chad Hamill, Vice President of the Office of Native American Initiatives by phone or email.

Wi-Fi parking lot hotspot locations:

Statewide Campuses To activate the Statewide Campuses tab, press your spacebar.

Situations vary greatly among our community campuses and partners. At this time, no changes in bandwidth configurations have proven warranted. Students, faculty and staff will be able to utilize Wi-Fi services accessible with their NAU credentials.

Additional Resources:

State of Arizona Resources To activate the State of Arizona Resources tab, press your spacebar.

Wireless Internet Service Providers To activate the Wireless Internet Service Providers tab, press your spacebar.


Contact ITS Support To activate the Contact ITS Support tab, press your spacebar.

Need to contact ITS for additional support?

Phone: 928-523-3335

Student ITS inquiries can be emailed

General ITS inquiries can be emailed to: