What our students are saying

Bachelor of Business Administration

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"The BBA program was a perfect fit for me. The experience was very rewarding because I was able to engage with my fellow students in a constructive atmosphere and had the support of an amazing faculty. The schedule was easy to work with and the location was convenient. As a result of progressing through the curriculum with the same students, we became more like a family than merely classmates. The program not only equipped me for success in the business world, but I also gained some life-long friends. I highly recommend the program to anyone who wants to earn a bachelor's degree in business." Jessica Daniken, BBA Alumnus

"I knew from the start that the BBA program was right for me. I enjoyed the small classes and relationships that were developed over my two years in the program. It was extremely important to me that questions were encouraged and help was always available. This program allowed me to picture myself in actual business scenarios and have an opportunity to see how I would handle them. I am excited and feel prepared to enter the real world and apply everything I've learned at NAU." Lindsay Jouas, BBA Student

Technology Management

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"In order to advance my career a Bachelor's degree was required. I am working adult, so the ability to take courses online is a definite advantage and the Technology Management degree was a perfect fit for my goals." James Emblin

Master of Administration

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 "I just loved the flexibility the program gave me in so many ways..to take classes 100% at home was excellent" Jeff Dillon

 "I have never seen such an attentive staff that is willing to go above and beyond every time. For this I am truly grateful" Margaret Ivins

 "The online Master of Admin program at NAU fit my personal need to combine work with education. The online professors are accessible, knowledgeable and relevant. The additional opportunities for classroom instruction brought cohesion and added an interpersonal touch..." Robyn Hepting

 "I started a new business with the skills I learned" Nicole Schwegler