Watershed Information

Part of the mission of WREP is to provide a centralized, coordinated, and supported location for storage and exchange of north-central Arizona watershed information. This year we are implementing a plan to provide this information in an easy-to-use web-based geographic information system (GIS).
WREP will be working with Dr. Erik Schiefer and graduate student Danna Muise to develop a web-served geographic information system (GIS) map of the Verde Valley. At the first stage of implementation in early autumn 2013, the map will display the locations of WREP-funded projects and serve as a database to provide access to project reports and datasets. The map will also provide access to selected real-time and archived data on river flow and meteorological conditions. At the second stage of implementation in 2014, the map will expand to watersheds beyond the Verde Valley and provide links and direct access to databases external to WREP and NAU. 
Throughout the development and implementation process, we will rely on resources at NAU, including the Geography and Planning Department and the Geospatial Research and Information (GRAIL) Laboratory. We will also work with partners working in the Verde Vally, including The Nature Conservancy, the United States Geological Survey, and the Arizona Game and Fish Department.
For more information on this project contact Paul Gremillion at paul.gremillion@nau.edu.