Making your website the best it can be

When it comes to your website, University Marketing can help you:

  • create compelling web content that advances your strategic objectives and engages your key audiences
  • transition your site from the old look and feel into the updated design and new CMS
  • provide ongoing guidance about the best ways to manage your content and help your web visitors get what they need

How we do it

Bringing your site into the university standard and improving the content requires four phases:

  • Strategic Foundation: We consult with you and your team to determine your key strategic objectives and web audiences to guide all further site development.
  • Content Creation: Based on your strategic objectives and the needs of users, we use content strategy best practices to develop the site structure and convert your content.
  • Content Publishing: After the content has been approved by your department, we upload it into the Content Management System (CMS) in preparation for the new website launch, when it will appear to the public.
  • Completed Site Launch: Your content goes live.

Give us a call

Call us at 928-523-1741 to find out how we can help you.