University Web Template Request

Please use this form to request access to the university web templates.

This form should be filled out by web developers or designers who have the technical ability to implement HTML, CSS, and Javascript on a website.

Because templates change frequently we have created a dynamic templating approach that is intended to keep all templates, university-wide, in sync with the latest CSS, JS, and global navigation items. This registration helps University Marketing keep up with the many sites around campus that use the template. Unless an explicit exemption has been made, any use of the new web templates must be dynamically integrated with the university asset server so updates can be automatically distributed across campus.

Please email if you have any questions about the usage of the new web templates.


 I understand that all public-facing university web templates must use the official template provided by University Marketing. The global navigation, logos, blue bar, and footer navigation are to remain unchanged. All public-facing web designs must be approved by University Marketing.