Summer Undergraduate Research Programs

Every summer, Northern Arizona University hosts undergraduates from around the country to participate in grant-funded research projects in disciplines such as astronomy, biology, biochemistry, environmental science, and geology

On this page, Summer Research principal investigators, directors, and support staff will find useful information for administering their programs.

Answers to many student participants' questions about admissions, housing, and what to expect are also here. 

We hope you have a wonderful experience on the Flagstaff Mountain Campus!

For Summer Research Program Directors and Staff

Expand the link below to find useful information and forms for administering summer research programs.

Sample timeline, letter, and tuition fee waiver forms

Program participant recruitment (Fall semester):

  • Create/update program website
  • Send program announcements to disciplinary organizations and listserves; also send to NAU's Undergraduate Research Coordinator to put application dates on UG Research webpages and to forward to the Council for Undergraduate Research: Undergraduate Research Program Directors distribution list
  • Schedule recruitment visits, if appropriate for your program
  • Establish participant review committee, if appropriate
  • Open online application in December, with deadline in February or very early March.

This sample REU processes timeline includes important information and suggestions to smooth the procedures for getting summer research students admitted to the university, set up in housing, registered for classes, put on payroll, orienting them to NAU, and reimbursing them for travel.

Sample REU timeline

You may find this sample Letter to Participants helpful in providing instructions to students about travel to Flagstaff, applications to NAU and housing, and payroll requirements.

Sample Participant Letter

These two documents are needed to begin the process of waiving student tuition and fees (if applicable). Complete the spreadsheet and the OGCS form (with the PI and Department/Unit Director signatures) and send both documents to the OVPR office to generate the Request Memo, get all additional required signatures, and forward all documents to the appropriate offices.

Tuition Fee Waiver spreadsheet

OGCS Tuition Fee Waiver form

For Summer Research Program Participants

Expand the link below to find step-by-step instructions to assist you in applying for admission to NAU and summer housing.

NAU Application Instructions for Participants

The step-by-step instructions to complete your application for admission to NAU can be found on this webpage.

Once you have received your NAU User ID and set your password, the next step is to apply for housing. 

Use this website to complete the housing application:; the link is located in the right sidebar. 


  • Login with your new NAU User ID and password.  
  • Your REU acceptance letter should indicate the appropriate residential hall (You do NOT have to select a hall on the application form; the assignment will be made based on the program request to housing).
  • If your REU program covers your housing application fee, this will be adjusted based on the list provided by the program.
  • Fill out the application and submit it using your NAU User ID.


To receive your summer stipend, you will need to complete the Vendor Registration form (please follow the instructions you received in your information letter).
If you would like your stipend to be put directly into your home bank account, complete the Direct Deposit form.


Astronomy REU students at Navy Optical interferometer
Astronomy REU participants at the Navy Prototype Optical Interferometer