Student Undergraduate Research Council

The Student Undergraduate Research Council (SURC) promotes awareness about undergraduate research opportunities at NAU.

By generating awareness, SURC hopes to increase the number of students engaged in research, scholarly, or creative projects at NAU. We also want to convey to students studying in a variety of disciplines and coming from diverse backgrounds that doing research is beneficial for their academic and career development. The members of SURC believe that participating in undergraduate research is an important experience for anyone interested in gaining more knowledge and a deeper appreciation of their academic field.

SURC members responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Advise the Office of Undergraduate Research
  • Attend monthly meetings
  • Promote undergraduate research at workshops, tabling events, speaking engagements, and class presentations
  • Work as a team to develop, strengthen, and expand undergraduate research awareness at NAU
  • Spend at least 15 hrs/semester on SURC activities
  • Provide assistance at the annual Undergraduate Symposium in April

2016-17 SURC councilors

  • Coutts 225x150
    Coutts 225x150

    Jacob Coutts

    Major: Psychological Sciences, with a minor in Communication Studies

    Mentor: Drs. Dana Donohue and Andrew Schrack-Walters

    Current research: (3 projects) Culture and Self; Body modification (specifically tattoos and piercings), classroom environments, and student learning outcomes; Attitudes about romance, relationships, and sexuality in NAU men

    Research activities: PSY485, PSY486C

    Why I do this: I love the real world applications of research. It is one thing to learn about something in a classroom lecture, but it is fulfilling on an entirely different level to be contributing to academic literature that may be in a textbook one day.  Research is an entirely new skill to learn that many undergraduates should have.

  • A_Jones 225x150
    A_Jones 225x150

    Ashley Jones

    Major: Microbiology & Biochemistry

    Mentor: Dr. Tinna Traustadóttir 

    Current research: Detecting Nrf2 Signaling using Transmission Electron Microscopy

    Research activities: BIO485

    Why I do this: I love that by being involved with research you get to study projects that interest you outside of classes. Another thing is getting to meet so many great people that I never would have otherwise. I enjoy every part of research from the beginning to the end.

  • Etude 225x150
    Etude 225x150

    Étude O’Neel-Judy

    Major: Physics & Mathematics

    Mentor: Dr. Timothy Titus (USGS)

    Current research: Characterization of cold CO2 jets on Mars’ South Pole

    Research activities: MAT485; NASA Space Grant

    Why I do this: Research has been an excellent way for me to develop and grow as a student that is in love with my academic field. It allows me to explore my field in a deeper and more meaningful way that coursework alone can never match.

  • Rodoni 225x150
    Rodoni 225x150

    Bridger Rodoni

    Major: Biomedical Sciences, with a minor in Chemistry

    Mentor: Dr. Tinna Traustadóttir

    Current research: Determining the effects of aging on cellular signaling in response to exercise-induced oxidative stress

    Research activities: BIO485, Hooper Undergraduate Research Award (HURA) grant

    Why I do thisI strongly believe that undergraduates should do research, especially those in the sciences. You get to explore things that don't necessarily have answers yet. The idea of being the first one to discover something is exhilarating. It also provides an avenue for building a relationship with people who could be outstanding references for you after graduation!

  • Tyra 225x150
    Tyra 225x150

    Alexandra Tyra

    Major: Psychological Sciences & Criminology/Criminal Justice

    Mentor: Dr. Melikşah Demir

    Current research: Comparing the qualities of college student relationships including those of friends with benefits to platonic ones

    Research activities: PSY485; Hooper Undergraduate Research Award (HURA) grant

    Why I do this: I think the best part about engaging in research as an undergraduate is the incredible experience and knowledge I have gained. It is a once in a lifetime opportunity to be able to work side by side with a faculty mentor and actually contribute to the research community.

  • Yates 225x150
    Yates 225x150

    Caitlin Yates

    Major: Geographic Science/Community Development

    Mentors: Dr. Marty Lee and Lina Hite

    Current research: Study of invasive weeds in the Kendrick mountain wilderness to create a treatment plan for the Kaibab Forest Service

    Research activities: Interns-to-Scholars (I2S) program; US Geological Survey summer research

    Why I do this: Engaging in research projects is a valuable experience; I’ve learned so many skills that I can apply to numerous facets of my academic career and enhance my undergraduate experience. I have made connections with wonderful mentors who have helped me immensely to grow my skillset.