Academic Program Review

Academic program review (APR) is a multi-year, collaborative process by which the unit, college, and university review and continuously improve our academic programs. APR starts with an in-depth self-study conducted by the faculty and staff of the unit. The self-study entails a comprehensive assessment of the program’s goals, structure, operations, strengths, and weaknesses in relation to the missions and strategic plans of the unit, college, and university. The self-study is reviewed by typically two external consultants who subsequently conduct an evaluative site visit. Following the site visit, the consultants author a report which relays their impression of the strengths and weaknesses of the program, along with suggestions for improvement. Based on the self-study and consultants’ report, and guided by the academic planning framework and university strategic plan, the unit develops an action plan for the continuous improvement of its programs. Arizona Board of Regents policy requires review of all academic programs every seven years. Programs may incorporate external accreditation review into their APR.

Institutional Accreditation Information for Academic Programs

Authorization Statement to Grant Degrees

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The following information provides documentation for academic programs seeking initial candidacy, accredited or continued accredited status: 

The Arizona Board of Regents (ABOR) has constitutional authority over Arizona’s public universities to operate and grant degrees. Policies 2.220 (Awarding of Degrees) and 2.221 (Academic Degree Programs) in the ABOR Policy Manual describe how state universities gain authorization to offer specific degrees.

The Higher Learning Commission (HLC) accredits Northern Arizona University which is extended through 2017-2018. Northern Arizona University, a research high Carnegie classification, is in good standing with the HLC with authorization to offer degrees through the doctoral level at multiple locations throughout the state of Arizona. 

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