Creating a culture of academic rigor

University College was created to support the university’s continued drive toward a culture of high academic expectations. Through a consolidation of student success programs and initiatives to improve course design and student achievement, University College has become a central location for building, measuring, and sustaining our community of accomplished scholar-teachers who are committed to first-year teaching.

Students want to succeed and graduate on time. How do they do that? By staying on track and not falling behind in studies. For the University College, this means supporting faculty and staff in their efforts to constantly challenge their students to be the best they can be.

The University College intends to improve student success by:

  • decreasing dropout rates
  • regularly assessing student progress
  • creating a coherent first-year learning course design
  • supporting innovation in teaching, learning, mentoring, and advisement
  • promoting a sense of student community with extracurricular activities