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Helping children and youth achieve their potential


Entering school is an important milestone in the lives of young children, yet many children enter kindergarten every year without the skills they need to succeed in school. KinderCamp™ is a targeted intervention school-readiness program that helps children become better prepared for kindergarten.

The program was established in 2005 through a partnership between United Way of Northern Arizona (UWNA), Alliance for Children’s Early Success (ACES), Flagstaff Unified School District (FUSD), and NACOG Head Start, and is designed to help children develop social and literacy skills while supporting the successful transition of the entire family into kindergarten. In 2012, thanks to a partnership with the Coconino County Schools Superintendent, KinderCamp™ served 180 children at three schools in Flagstaff (Killip, Kinsey, and Thomas), as well as 100 students in Fredonia, Page, Williams and Winslow, Arizona.

Child Care Initiatives

Our child care initiatives promote affordable, high-quality child care and the patronage of child care centers and homes that are safe, nurturing, stimulating, licensed, and accredited. In 2008, UWNA funded three child care centers and four home-based providers serving 124 children between the ages of 6 weeks to 5 years old.

Providers used the funds for curricular activities, materials, coaching, training, and facility improvements. In addition, ACES created a Child Care Calendar to educate families, child care practitioners, and others about early learning programs. ACES also produced a Steps to Quality Child Care Guide in 2010 with grant funding from the Flagstaff Community Foundation and support from UWNA.

Language Arts Program

Through a partnership with Rodel Charitable Foundation of Arizona, UWNA is proud to support a supplemental language arts program for students in third grade. The program, which targets students in Rodel's Math Achievement Club ("MAC-Ro"), is being offered this year at three schools in Flagstaff — Kinsey, Killip and Thomas. Students in the program receive a monthly language arts workbook to help increase their achievements in reading and writing.

Based on sound educational research, the Language Arts Bonus Pack includes standards-based materials for students while promoting ongoing family involvement and professional development for teachers and administrators. The program has effected change at the school and district level by improving language arts instruction and helping parents gain a better understanding of what their child is learning in school.

Youth Empowerment

UWNA funded local, faith-based organizations that partnered with Kids Hope USA to provide a mentoring program. The goal of this program was to improve academic performance, attendance, self-confidence, and self-esteem for at-risk children in elementary school.

Caring and trained mentors meet weekly with these children one-on-one for 1 hour. Studies indicate at-risk children who consistently function in adrenalin-producing life situations benefit from this relaxing, supportive environment with a caring adult