Interns-to-Scholars student FAQ

What are the requirements to apply?
You must be a current, full-time, degree-seeking undergraduate in good academic standing with at least one full-time semester completed at NAU.  You must be in the process of obtaining your first bachelor’s degree and have less than 75 credit hours (including transferred hours) when the internship begins. Some faculty include additional qualifications on their projects.

How do I apply?
The application period for Fall 2017 is August 1 - September 17, 2017.  Applications will only be accepted during this period.


You should receive an email with your application responses.

Do I have to know the faculty mentor before I apply for an internship?
No. Faculty mentors will choose the most qualified student for the internship from the eligible applications.

What should be in my resume?
Your resume should be in a traditional format that supports your qualifications for the position and includes basic information about your:

  • educational background
  • skills
  • past activities
  • work experiences
  • volunteer activities (if relevant)

Can I apply for multiple projects?
Yes. You may apply for up to three projects. However, you may accept only one internship per semester.

What should be in my Statement of Interest?
This is your opportunity to tell the faculty member why you are interested in the specific project, your work values, and how the internship will help you meet your educational goals. Be sure to describe your qualifications for the project's activities. The statement must be under 400 words in length.

May I contact the faculty member directly about an internship? No. If you have questions about a project, please contact the Undergraduate Research Coordinator at 928-523-1026 or

What happens after I submit my application?
The Undergraduate Research Coordinator and staff will review the applications to verify that the applicants meet the minimum qualifications. All qualified applications for a project will be forwarded to the faculty mentor.

The faculty mentors will contact the students they want to interview. Do NOT contact the faculty mentor listed directly!

Internship offers will be made by the faculty mentors. Meeting the minimum qualifications does not guarantee an interview or a position. If you are not selected for a project, you will be notified via e-mail.

Will I receive credit for the internship?
Usually a student does NOT receive credit for an internship as you are paid for the work. Sometimes a faculty mentor-intern pair make the decision to create an introductory undergraduate research course (xxx279) for 1 hour of credit.

How do I evaluate the internship experience?
At the end of each semester, interns will complete an online I2S feedback questionnaire.

Can I apply for a summer internship?
Currently there are no summer internships.

May I continue an internship with the same faculty member?
For each session, only a limited number of faculty requests are selected for funding. Internships are guaranteed for one semester only!