Interns-to-Scholars (I2S) faculty information

Faculty members in all colleges and schools are encouraged to submit requests for an undergraduate student intern if:

  • you see yourself as a mentor who aims to engage motivated undergraduates in the research, scholarly, or creative process
  • you enjoy helping to create and develop undergraduate students’ potential
  • your goal is to increase the diversity and success of undergraduate students in your academic discipline

How are internship proposals selected for funding?
A faculty committee will review and select the internships to be offered each semester to maximize the opportunities available. A limited number of internships will be offered each semester; priority is given to faculty who have not previously had an I2S student.

What kinds of projects receive the highest priority for funding?
The review committee is looking for internships that engage undergraduate students in helping faculty advance their own research, scholarly, or creative production.  Projects consisting primarily of routine tasks without a disciplinary educational component will not be funded under this program.  It is NOT the intention of I2S to provide student workers as administrative, logistical, or instructional assistants.

How do I apply for an intern?
You use the Request for Intern Application online form when applications are being accepted.

Will you assign an intern to me or will I select the student?
The Office for Undergraduate Research & Creative Activity graduate assistant will screen students for the minimum qualifications and forward all eligible applications to the faculty mentor after the deadline for student applications. The faculty mentor should NOT select a student for the position prior to receiving, reviewing, and interviewing appropriate candidates.

The mentor is responsible for:

I have a great undergraduate working with me. Can I submit a request for him/her?
No. The I2S program is intended to support undergraduates new to scholarly research or creative projects, rather than to fund existing collaborations.

If I already know an applicant, does that prevent me from selecting that student as my intern?
No, but you should select a qualified undergraduate that is new to mentored research, scholarly, or creative projects, with students early in their academic careers having priority. Eligible students should be in good academic standing and have successfully completed a minimum of one full-time semester at NAU with no more than 75 total credit hours (including transferred credit).

Can I add additional qualifications for a student intern over and above the minimums?
Yes. You may set additional requirements for your particular intern, but you may not limit the opportunity to juniors only (seniors are not eligible for the I2S program).

What are the general internship requirements?
You will complete an Internship Contract to set clear expectations at the start of the internship. The signed contract will be submitted to the Undergraduate Research Coordinator by the end of the first week of the internship. Regular meetings with your intern and formal feedback are highly encouraged.  Interns are required to attend three Internship Seminars during the semester.

How do I evaluate and report the student’s progress?
Toward the end of each semester, mentors will complete an online I2S Faculty Feedback form.

Is there support for travel or supplies?
No; the program only provides a stipend to the intern based on the number of hours allocated to the position. No additional funding will be provided.

How long may I keep this student as an intern?
The internship award is for one semester only!  Each semester, I2S internship requests will be evaluated and selected based on interest, need, and availability of funds. If funding is available, an active I2S internship may be extended to a second semester if the faculty mentor and student agree to do so. A student may not receive more than two internships.