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University Merchandise Licensing Policy 

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Policy Purpose

Northern Arizona University’s trademarks and vendor licensing program exists to protect the name, logos, marks and trademarks of Northern Arizona University, as well as to enhance the image of the University by authorizing the use of its marks on high-quality and tasteful merchandise and apparel. The program also exists to ensure that the University receives appropriate commercial value for the use of its trademarks and logos as well as to actively enforce any unauthorized or inappropriate use.

General Requirements

To help maintain a consistent and positive image, Northern Arizona University requires that all individuals, organizations, departments and companies, both internal and external, obtain these products from a vendor or manufacturer who is licensed with NAU through a licensing agent under contract with the University. This licensing agent is Collegiate Licensing Company (CLC). Approval through CLC is required before any vendor may produce product(s) of any nature displaying NAU indicia, regardless of the distribution method. 

Authorization Policy for NAU Departments and Student Organizations 

All Northern Arizona University departments and recognized student organizations (RSOs) are required to obtain prior approval to use the indicia (i.e. names, marks, logos, seals and/or symbols) of the University in any commercial or non-commercial venture. 
Internal University departments and RSOs are also required to purchase NAU merchandise from officially-licensed vendors approved by the University through CLC.
Requests for approval normally fall into two categories:
  • Royalty Required
  • Royalty Exempt

Royalty Required

Any items being sold or resold bearing NAU trademarks for any of the following purposes constitutes commercial use:
  • Sales to individual customers
  • Sales on campus by RSOs with permits
  • Sales for fundraising projects (a higher royalty will be assessed if the item includes the use of a commercial sponsor's name or logo on a licensed product)
  • Sales of items carrying a commercial message, sponsor or endorsement (regardless of size)
  • Items used as promotional marketing for an event
  • Items given away at conferences, workshops, clinics or camps that require a registration fee and the price of the item has been included in the fee
  • Items used as giveaways to attendees of special events, booster activities, or for use as fundraisers.

Royalty Exempt

Royalty exemptions include the following:
  • Items restricted to an internal audience (members of an office, department or student recognized organization) and are used as a "uniform".
  • Items must be purchased with departmental funds.
  • If above item is sold to the internal audience, it must be sold at cost to qualify for royalty exemption.
  • Items such as banners and signs without endorsements, commercial messages or sponsors unless a company is a corporate sponsor of the NAU Athletics Department and trademark usage is specified in the sponsorship agreement.