Student Support Services Program

What is Student Support Services?

Student Support Services (SSS) partners with students who are first generation college students, income eligible, or who have documented disabilities, in order to make a successful academic and social transition to the university environment.

What to expect?

Throughout your participation in the SSS program, you will receive FREE individual mentoring from our staff members, who can guide you in your transition to the university and Flagstaff community.   Specifically, we assist you by providing:

  • academic support and tutoring
  • assistance with course selection and career planning
  • guidance in money management
  • information about financial aid
  • personal support in your transition to NAU

You can also attend educational workshops, cultural activities, community service projects, and retreats.  

Freshmen and sophomores can earn a scholarship (up to $500 per semester) after a full semester of participation in our program.