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NAU fraternities and sororities pride themselves on upholding the four pillars of NAU Fraternity and Sorority Life: Leadership, Service, Scholarship, and Social. Please select the links below to learn more about how our fraternity and sorority members gain valuable leadership skills, make connections on and off campus, strive for academic excellence, and provide service to the NAU and Flagstaff community.  

Fraternity and sorority life offers men and women a variety of leadership opportunities.  Chapter members can be found in the Associated Student of Northern Arizona University (student government), on the Homecoming Committee, and receiving academic and leadership awards.  For members to achieve a well-rounded education, fraternities and sororities encourage active participation in a variety of leadership experiences.  Members can also participate in their chapters as an officer or on one of the committees each chapter maintains.  There are a wide array of positions available exclusively to fraternity and sorority members to help them learn, grow, and excel.
Service and Philanthropy
Service is a way of life for the NAU Greek community.  Each year NAU fraternities and sororities participate in community service and philanthropy events that impact individuals in the Flagstaff community and beyond.  On average, NAU fraternities and sororities raised $150,342 last year for various local and national philanthropies and and completed over 25,870 hours of community service.  
Fraternities and sororities build a bond of brotherhood/sisterhood unmatched by any other student organization on campus. Each chapter has its own social events, which typically include formals, date parties, brotherhood/sisterhood events, family weekend, and a variety of other events. Each chapter follows a risk management policy from their national headquarters, their governing council, as well as all of the polices of NAU. The spirit of our Fraternity and Sorority Life community makes our campus feel like a home away from home. Regardless of the chapter you join, the friendships that are formed are lifelong. It is with these friends that members participate in memorable chapter activities, philanthropies, study groups, and social events.
Scholarship & Grades

Fraternity and sorority chapters strive for the development of scholastic excellence among their entire membership. Many chapters require a minimum grade point average for potential members to be considered for membership. Initiated members must also continue to meet the minimum GPA requirements for his or her chapter in order to remain an active member. In order to insure that members are academically successful, chapters provide study halls, educational programs, tutoring, and awards and scholarships.

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Student Spotlight

Matt Ferguson ('17), Sigma Chi, started a non-profit organization called Matt's Chemo Bags that provides blankets and other necessities for women undergoing chemotherapy. Matt started the non-profit after his mother was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2008 and he noticed a need to support women going through chemotherapy. Sigma Chi and Matt involved the Greek community in the non-profit during their Derby Days event. This past spring, with the help of our NAU fraternity and sorority members, they were able to make 250 fleece blankets in less than an hour and raised over $3,000 for Matt's Chemo Bags. 

The Magazine of Sigma Chi featured an article on Matt Ferguson and Matt's Chemo Bags. Read the article to learn more about the Matt's Chemo Bags and NAU Fraternity and Sorority Life's involvement in supporting the organization.

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NAU Greek Alumni Spotlight

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Name (maiden name):  Lisa (Rauls) Simmon

Current Job Title and Company:  Family Medicine Resident, Mercy Health System, Janesville, WI

Chapter:  Gamma Phi Beta, Beta Omega

Major:   BS Public Relations with minor in bio and chem

NAU Graduation Year: 2003

Leadership positions held within your chapter or across campus during your college career:  Philanthropy Chair, Previews Program Assistant (orientation), Previews Program Counselor (orientation), FYE Peer Mentor, Youth Group Leader at Trinity Heights United Methodist Church (off campus).

What do you remember most about your time at NAU and in Fraternity and Sorority Life?:  Best part of sorority life was the sisterhood.  I met one of my best friends in my house that I would have likely never met on campus as our majors were opposite ends of campus.  She was in my wedding this past spring!

What do you think that you have carried with you from your involvement in your sorority (or what skills have you gained)?

I gained leadership skills and team work skills. It’s very interesting; the residency interview process is very much like sorority recruitment, so I had an upper hand in understanding the whole process.

From your experience, what do you feel are the benefits of joining Fraternity and Sorority Life?  

The lifelong benefits are the most important.  I still have a network and support system no matter where I am.  I am new to Wisconsin and love being able to have a community to belong to even though I do not know really anyone in the state.  We all have the same common ground in our sorority.  Also, being Greek gives you a community to belong to as you can bond with a stranger over similar experiences.

Are you currently involved in a leadership position with your chapter or have served in one since graduating NAU? 

If so, what and can you give a brief description of what you do in that role?  I was highly involved with ASU Gamma Phi Beta chapter for many years before moving to WI.  I have been ritual, scholarship, standards and administrative VP Advisor as well as a short stint as a chapter advisor.  I am now working on a small scale with University of Wisconsin Madison's chapter as their ritual advisor.  Once I return to AZ in 2015, my plan is to become more involved again.  Actually, in interviewing for jobs for 2015, I have made it quite clear that I need to have time for Gamma Phi in my life!

Order of Omega Greek Award Winners

Did you know?  

  • NAU fraternities and sororities performed 25,870 hours of community service during the 2016-17 academic year.
  • NAU fraternities and sororities raised $150,342 for various local and national philanthropies during the 2016-17 academic year.
  • NAU Greek members are retained at NAU at a higher rate than non-Greek members.
  • NAU GAMMA (Greek Advocating the Mature Management of Alcohol) is a student led peer education group that also has a party registration component. All fraternity and sorority socials occurring off-campus must be registered with GAMMA. Socials where alcohol will be served must be at a third-party vendor (restaurant/hotel/bar), transportation must be provided via shuttle busses, and must provide free non-alcoholic beverages and food for members who are either under 21 or choose not to drink. 

Judicial Policies

Fraternity and Sorority Life is committed to holding our Greek chapters accountable if they violate university policy.  Each chapter follows strict risk management policies from their national headquarters in addition to risk management policies put in place by the Greek governing councils and university policies.

Hazing Policy

Greek Organizational Judicial Procedure and Sanctions (Student Handbook)

Chapters that violated policy and have current sanctions imposed:

Chapter Pi Beta Phi     
Nature of Violation Alcohol and Hazing violation
EventIsolated group of members participating in hazing and underage alcohol incidents
Policy ViolatedCode of Conduct:
-Endangering or causing harm (#2)
-Alcohol (#15)
-Off campus conduct (#17)
-Hazing (#19)
LocationOff campus
Sanction(s)University Probation (1/5/17 - 12/31/17)
Social Probation II (1/5/17 - 12/31/17)
Educational Sanction - Hazing prevention education
Successful completion of Pi Beta Phi Headquarters imposed sanctions
Chapter Response -Working closely with the university and national headquarters
StatusIn progress

Chapters currently under investigation:  

Chapter Kappa Alpha Order - Interim Suspension Pending Investigation
Issue Being InvestigatedHazing Allegations

 Chapters currently suspended from activities or with loss of recognition:

ChapterKappa Sigma
Suspension of Activities or
Loss of Recognition Status
Loss of Recognition from
the National Fraternity
Policy ViolatedKappa Sigma Code of Conduct:
-Alcohol Policy
-Conduct unbecoming a Chapter of
Kappa Sigma Fraternity
Semester the Chapter is
Eligible to Return
Fall 2017      

Judicial Records 2016-17

Judicial Records 2015-16

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