GAMMA (Greeks Advocating the Mature Management of Alcohol)

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GAMMA is a programming group comprised of selected members from various fraternities and sororities. We are responsible for creating and implementing programs that address risk management issues such as:

  • hazing prevention
  • alcohol awareness
  • safe Spring Break
  • sex education

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Additionally, we hold chapters accountable to by-laws which require each chapter to register social events if alcohol will be present. We also coordinate and assign party checkers for each registered social event in order to help reduce risk.
Furthermore, we meet the educational needs of our Greek Life students with regards to critical risk reduction and social issues. The GAMMA programming board is also an affiliate member of the BACCHUS Network.

GAMMA is composed of twelve Greek students who are selected through an application and interview process to serve on the GAMMA Programming Committee. The committee is led by one Greek student Programming Coordinator and is advised by a member of the Greek Life staff. Alleged violations of GAMMA policies may be directed to the Greek Accountability Board for investigation.

Programming Board Members


GAMMA Event Registration Form

Step 1: Fill out event registration form online through the FSL website

Step 2: Email any contracts/agreements with any venue/vendors

Step 3: Confirmation of event approval will be emailed from GAMMA

Step 4: If event is a closed event and not open to the campus, public, or all of FSL, submit a guest list to

Step 5: Have a great event!

Step 6: GAMMA will contact your venue/vendors the following business day after your event to see how the event went. The sponsoring chapter will be held responsible for any misconduct/issues.

Information that you will need to gather prior to submitting your event registration online:

  • Function Name: The function must have an appropriate and non-offensive title and theme.
  • Date: Registration Forms must be turned in by noon on the Friday 2 weeks preceding the event. This is non-negotiable.
  • Sponsoring Chapters: No more than three chapters can co-host a function, and no more than two same sex chapters can co-host a function. The President and Social Chairperson of each chapter must sign the completed form before it is considered valid.
  • Non-drinking monitors: Must include three from each sponsoring chapter, and one executive member from each sponsoring chapter.       
  • Food: There must be food and non-alcoholic (free) beverages provided at any event with alcohol available. 
  • Alcohol Vendor: Only third-party vendors with a distinguishable over-21 section may provide alcohol at a sponsored function. No BYOB permitted.
  • Estimated attendance: Who will be attending?
  • Company responsible for security: An outside company must provide visible security. 
  • Transportation: Your chapter is responsible for and required to provide shuttles to and from the event.
  • Additional information/comments: Provide any additional pertinent information.

Event Registration Timeline:

Important: Event may not be approved, if timeline is not followed.

  • 2 weeks prior to the event submit event registration – by noon on the Friday 2 weeks preceding the event
  • 1-2 weeks prior to the event receive event registration confirmation
  • 1-2 days prior to event submit a guest list to GAMMA (if event is a closed/invite only event)
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