Executive Council


President - 

  • Serve as chief liaison to state and national leaders
  • Serve as chief spokesperson of ASNAU
  • Address academic concerns of the university at large
  • Serve as Chief Financial Officer of ASNAU
  • Appoint all ASNAU staff in conjunction with the Chief of Staff
  • Attend meetings of the Alumni Board of Directors
  • Maintain communication with advisors from the Office of Student Life

Lauren L'Ecuyer

E-mail: lnl43@nau.edu

Vice President of Student Affairs -

  • Oversee all student-based programs run through ASNAU not academic in nature
  • Address concerns dealing with student affairs at NAU
  • Serve as director of tailgating for all NAU home football games
  • Serve as director for Student Legal Aid
  • Serve as liaison to Office of Undergraduate Admissions
  • Oversee daily affairs of Club Headquarters
  • Perform any and all duties as assigned by the President
Sydnee Stogner
E-mail: sns67@nau.edu

Vice President of Academic Affairs -

  • Serve as Chair of the Senate
  • Ensure Senators fulfill their constitutional obligations
  • Help to establish good relations between senators and deans
  • Hold meetings with each senator once a month
  • Serve as liaison among the student body, academic colleges, and ASNAU
  • Address concerns dealing with academic affairs at NAU
  • Perform any and all duties as assigned by the President
Tori O'Reilly

E-mail: vlo24@nau.edu

Vice President of Government Affairs - 

  • Serve as Director of the NAU Student State Affairs Board
  • Alert the student body about any active or upcoming policies or legislation
  • Provide opportunities to the student body to become civically engaged
  • Advocate student concerns and perspectives to higher education policy makers at local, state, and national levels
  • Attend Arizona Board of Regents meetings and communicate with the Regents as needed
  • Serve as liaison between the students and Flagstaff governing bodies
  • Perform any and all duties as assigned by the president
Amber Beasley

E-mail: akb299@nau.edu

Chief of Staff - 

  • Hire and terminate all staff in conjunction with the President
  • Serve as an ex-officio member of the Executive Council
  • Hold weekly staff meetings with Public Relations, Special Events, and the Information Technology Specialist
  • Perform and delegate duties as assigned by the Executive Council
  • Provide input to the ASNAU budget
  • Supervise and maintain accountability of all ASNAU budgetary accounts
  • Perform any and all duties as assigned by the president
Taylor Wesner
E-mail: trw24@nau.edu