The Edge Leadership Experience

The Edge

The Edge Leadership Experience is a unique opportunity for first-year incoming students to learn and practice leadership skills.

The Edge Leadership Experience will take place August 21-23, 2018. 

Registrations will be accepted on a rolling basis until July 16, 2018 or until the program reaches capacity (about 150 participants). A $75 program fee is required prior to participation. The fee covers early move-in to the residence halls and all meals during the program.

During the Edge Leadership Experience you will be involved in workshops and group discussions that will help you:

  • learn to be a leader
  • make meaningful connections
  • meet new friends
  • inspire others
  • get involved

Edge Leadership Experience Program Goals and Learning Outcomes

 1) Teach foundational leadership skills, including conflict resolution, problem solving, goal setting, group dynamics, inclusive leadership, empowering others, and ethics.

  • Students will identify their leadership style.
  • Students will take a leadership role among peers.

2) Provide opportunities for students to engage in dialogue around topics such as personal values, civic responsibility and engagement, and diversity.

  • Students will treat others with respect.
  • Students will demonstrate a willingness to examine personal beliefs.
  • Students will listen to and consider others’ points of view.

3) To acclimate students to various involvement opportunities and resources on campus.

  • Students will feel a sense of belonging on campus.
  • Students will use social skills to initiate interactions, make friends, and participate in the campus community.
  • Students will become involved in a club or organization.

4) Offer opportunities for relationship development amongst peer emerging leaders and mentorship with existing campus leaders.

  • Students will make friends.
  • Students will build a connection with upper-division student leaders.

Who is involved?

One hundred and fifty first-year students from all backgrounds will be selected for the program. We encourage participation from students who were involved in student organizations and leadership positions in high school and from students who have not had previous opportunities but want to make leadership a part of their college experience. Upper-division students who are current student leaders serve as facilitators for the program. The Edge Leadership Experience is coordinated by Student Life.

What to expect

If accepted, you will be placed in a small group designed to enhance your campus connections. Small groups will participate in workshops, presentations, activities, and challenges that strengthen bonds and provide an engaging experience.

Highlighted events

  • Leadership workshops
  • Team-Building activities
  • Multicultural experience
  • Community service activity
  • Talent show


Please contact us at or call the Office of Student Life at 928-523-5181.

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