Student Organization Event Approval Process

All student organizations that wish to hold an event on the NAU campus must seek approval for that event from Student Unions and Activities. Student Unions and Activities is located in room 111 of the University Union and is open Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm during the regular academic semester. They can also be reached at 928-523-4313 or Staff members are available to assist student leaders in planning their events and collecting the necessary permissions and documentation. The Event/Activity Approval Request form asks for information about the event including the name of the student organization, contact information for the student organizer and adviser, the name of the event, the proposed date and time, and a brief description of the event or activity. The event form also helps student organizations and Student Unions and Activities staff determine which other offices they will need to contact such as Facilities, Campus Dining, and the NAU Police Department.

Once all documentation is returned to Student Unions and Activities for processing, a staff member will review it. Please keep in mind that some events, especially those involving insurance and contracts, can take several weeks to process. If an event form is not submitted at least a week before your event we cannot guarantee that it can be approved. Your event is not approved and finalized until you have met with a staff member from Student Unions and Activities and he or she has approved the event form.

Here are the steps of the event approval process:

1) Submit an event form and meet with Student Unions and Activities

To start the process, you can fill out and submit an event form online through True Blue Connects or you can come in to the office and fill out the form on the iPad bar. To access the event form on True Blue Connects, please follow these steps:
    a) Go to and log in using the blue button at the top.  

    b) Choose “Organizations” from the top menu and go to your group’s page.    

    c) Choose “Events” from the top menu and click the button that says “Create Event” to fill out the form and submit request.    

    d) You must be listed on the roster and designated as an officer in order to submit the form—if you are not you will need to talk with your President to get the roster fixed or contact Student Life if the President is not up to date. Advisers cannot submit event forms

    e) Student Unions and Activities staff will call you to schedule a meeting to go over the details of your event. If you have not heard from them within 48 hours please feel free to call them and follow up.


2) Reserve a location for your event
It’s usually best to start with Student Unions and Activities to accomplish this. Student Unions and Activities staff has access to the reservation system for many of the meeting rooms and large event spaces on campus. If they cannot reserve it directly, they typically know who to call and can help facilitate that contact. If you are not sure where you would like to hold your event they can also provide information about different spaces including capacity and costs. Student Unions and Activities also reserves tabling space inside and outside the Union, DuBois Center, and HLC. Most spaces require at least 48 business hours advance notice for reservations and large spaces like ballrooms or auditoriums can require two weeks or more.
3) Decide if you want to serve food at your event
Northern Arizona University Campus Dining has an exclusive contract for food service on the Flagstaff campus. If you are planning an event where food will be served you must contract with Campus Dining to prepare and provide the food. You can view the catering menu and place your order online. You may want to check out the “No Frills Catering” menu which is designed to be budget friendly. Catering should be ordered at least a week before your event.

If you have a special need or request or there are special circumstances such as food is being donated for your event you should work with Student Unions and Activities staff to request a waiver of the food service requirement. Waivers may be granted if the food to be served is pre-packaged and sealed, if there is no charge to attend the event, and if food will not be sold to participants. Waivers will not be granted if the food to be served is to be prepared at home or needs to maintain a certain temperature.

4) Review contract and insurance requirements for any outside speakers, performers, or equipment
If you are bringing any guest speakers, musicians, or performers to campus or if you are renting any equipment from an outside vendor, Student Unions and Activities staff will review your event to determine if contracts or insurance will be needed. You should be prepared to provide the name and contact information for speakers or vendors when you meet with Student Unions and Activities. Staff will then work with the speaker or vendor and our own university risk management staff to meet contract and insurance needs. The contract and insurance process can take at least 30 days so please plan ahead and allow plenty of time for approval.

There are only a few people who have the authority to enter Northern Arizona University into a contract. Student organization officers, members, and/or advisers should not sign any contracts.
5) Plan for any additional event needs

Student Unions and Activities staff will talk with you about additional requirements for your specific event. You may need to contact other offices or provide additional paperwork to Student Unions and Activities to verify that these have been taken care of. Some examples include:

  • If the event involves physical risk or the potential for injury, participants may need to fill out and sign a release form; completed forms are returned to Student Unions and Activities after the event
  • Some types of events may need review and approval from the NAU Police Department
  • If you are showing a movie you will need a public performance license
  • Equipment such as tables and chairs can be rented from Facility Services
  • If you plan to sell tickets for the event you may need to do so through the Central Ticket Office
6) Consider how you will pay for the event
An important step in event planning is deciding how your group will cover any costs associated with your event. If you plan to apply for funding from sources such as ASNAU, STAC, or Sodexo make sure to complete those applications well in advance of your event. Student Unions and Activities may not approve large or expensive events if they cannot verify that your organization has funds available to cover the whole cost. You should not rely on ticket sales to cover the cost of an event since sales can be unpredictable.
7) Get your faculty or staff adviser's approval
Your faculty or staff adviser needs to give their approval for the event. The Student Unions and Activities staff member you work with will contact your adviser by email or phone for approval.
8) Turn in all paperwork or documentation to Student Life
Once Student Unions and Activities has received all of the paperwork or documentation related to your event, staff will notify you of the final approval for your event.
9) Fill out the event follow-up form
Student Unions and Activities is using an online form to help us gather data about student organization events and feedback on the event planning process. Following your event you will receive an email with a link to this form and you should plan to submit the follow-up form within the next week. This helps us continue to improve the event planning experience.