NAU Transfer Student FAQs

What defines me as a transfer student?
  • You have graduated high school
  • You have completed more than 12 college credit hours since graduating from high school.
  • High school students with concurrent enrollment are not considered transfer students.  Please complete the freshman application.
  • For more information on the application process, or if you will be coming in as a transfer student, contact Northern Arizona University Undergraduate Admissions and Orientation.

Does NAU have Transfer Agreements with other schools?

Yes!!  Northern Arizona University partners with a variety of Arizona community colleges in an initiative called 2NAU to make it easier for you to complete your bachelor's degree. You can be admitted to NAU while completing your associate's degree at your community college. NAU will provide you with guidance throughout the first two years and support you as you finish a four-year degree.   For more information visit 2NAU Programs or SUN.

Also, Arizona has established the AGEC, this is general education coursework that will apply towards your bachelor's degree at NAU. 

If you want a look at how your courses will transfer to NAU, use the Jacks Transfer Guide as a first step.

What do I do once I have been accepted to NAU?
There are many steps you need to complete once you have been accepted before you can actually enroll in classes.  Please check out our steps with links to that NAU admissions enrollment checklist for transfer students.
Where do I have to send my transcripts from?
You need to send your transcripts from any community college, college or university you have attended.   Official copies of work transferred to Northern Arizona University must be requested directly from the institution where the work was completed.
Also, if you are transferring less than 24 credit hours you may need to send in your high school transcipts as well.
How long does transcript evaluation take?
After submitting transcripts, allow between 2 weeks and 2 months to evaluate transcripts, depending on time of year, with busier times being graduation time (between May and July).  
How many credits can I transfer?



2NAU programs

2 year college---64 credits

4 year college---No limit - except 30 hours must be taken at NAU and 18 of those credits must be in upper division of their major to meet degree requirements.

How will I know what credits applied to my degree program?
You will receive a Transfer Credit Report and you will need to contact an advisor in your department to discuss how your transferred credits will apply to your degree progression.  If you have questions about how a course may transfer please look at the resources for prospective students. 
I am admitted, I have accepted my offer and paid my enrollment deposit, now and want to know about orientation
If you are a Transfer student --- you will receive information on the Online orientation sent via admissions office after your enrollment deposit is received and processed, Online orientation must be completed before working with an advisor to select classes.
After admittance, how do I get in contact with my advisor to enroll?

Undeclared majors---Gateway

Declared majors---College Specific Advising

Can I visit campus?

Yes of course! WE would love to see you and show you the campus.

I am bringing a car to NAU, how do I find out about parking permits?

No matter if you live on campus or off—if you plan to park your car on campus for any reason, you will need to purchase a parking permit.

What is my tuition rate? Who do I contact about financial aid?What are important deadlines I need to know about?
Important dates such as enrollment, final exams and more can be found on the Registrar’s website or on the payment dates information page. 
How can I get my Louie password reset?
To reset your Louie password.
I am a military veteran can I get help?
Yes, NAU is committed to serving veterans.  There are dedicated services to assist you in attending NAU.
I am a student who is also a parent. What resources are available?

Our hats are off to you!  Going to school while parenting children is tough and we admire your Lumberjack spirit!   Please reach out to us if you need assistance.    We are looking to grow this area in the coming years.  But, right now we have identified the following resources.  Family Resouces—by NAU Graduate College—this has information on insurance, healthcare and more. 

NAU has Grant Money available for childcare expenses.  The program works on a sliding scale, paying 20 to 50 percent of your child care expenses while you pay the rest.

We are also looking to start a listserv and a SWAP (Students Who Are Parents) chapter for students who are parents—so that you can connect, share resources, support each other and continue to advocate for more dedicated university resources to ensure your success at the university.  If you would like to add your name and email to the listserv, or are interested in organizing SWAP, please contact Leslie Mitchell, Program Coordinator for Transfer and Commuter Connections.  Leslie.Mitchell@nau.edu