April 30, 2013

Spring into Summer!


Dear Service Professionals,

It’s hard to believe that another academic year is coming to an end. Our campus will soon be filled with joyful graduates and their friends and families who will be gathering to celebrate their accomplishments. Some of us have worked very closely with those students while they’re here at NAU while some of us may be practically invisible to them. But each of us – every single Service Professional at the University – is helping to contribute to the success of our students and of the University community as a whole. So as we congratulate those who are earning their degrees, as we encourage those who will continue in the summer or fall, and as we welcome those who are just starting out… take some time to congratulate each other, too. Whether you work in a budget office or provide care for the sick and injured, whether you keep computer systems running or help our students improve their writing, Service Professionals can be proud of their impact on the University’s mission.

If you have helped with one of our service projects this year – our holiday Adopt-a-Family drive and our Adopt-an-Avenue cleanups; if you’ve worked with us as a member of the Service Professional Advisory Council (SPAC); if you’ve even just come to one meeting: we thank you. We also encourage you to get more involved, so please consider submitting an application for membership on the Service Professional Advisory Council. SPAC is a great way to meet and network with people from all facets of the University; a wonderful opportunity to learn about, interact with and influence University Administration; and it’s a great group of people who like to have some fun! The application for membership and additional information are available from our website: http://www.nau.edu/spac.

Thanks again for a great year, have a wonderful summer, and we hope to hear from you!


Dan Stoffel
Chair, Service Professional Advisory Council


Service Professional Advisory Council Nominations


We invite you to nominate yourself or a fellow Service Professional to serve on the Service Professional Advisory Council (SPAC) for a term beginning in the summer of 2013.

The Service Professional Advisory Council is the officially recognized body to represent Service Professionals at NAU. We meet once each month during the academic year, and Council members also represent SPAC on other University committees such as the Strategic Planning Council, the Commission on the Status of Women, etc. More information is available at our website: nau.edu/spac.

Nominations are due Wednesday, May 8. Nominees must be Service Professionals in good standing, who have been employed as Service Professionals for at least one year.

The nomination form is available at our website. Please let us know if you have any questions. We look forward to hearing from you!


SPAC Service Projects

SPAC clean group   Cleaning up

Adopt-An-Avenue Clean-up

Service Professionals helped to make Flagstaff a little cleaner through our successful Adopt-An Avenue Clean-up on Saturday, March 30. A number of folks, families and dogs came out to the Sawmill area in order to contribute to our community.


Recent Events


Our Speakers and Demos this Spring

OnBase with Michael Zimmer - Hyland OnBase is an Enterprise Content Management System which helps an organization strategically use content to gain faster document retrieval, improved work flow, simultaneous user access, backups, online forms, and more. It integrates with Outlook, Windows, and PeopleSoft. In January 2012 NAU implemented OnBase, Financial systems converted to PeopleSoft a few months later and began implementing paperless invoicing, then in November 2012 they upgraded to the newest version of the software.  This Spring, Enrollment Services entered into a contract with OnBase as well. Soon after, Dining Services began work on their food waiver form and more PeopleSoft financials integration began for the purchasing card processes. For a demo of OnBase, see their website www.Hyland.com. Please note, an API certification is required to utilize the OnBase software. Currently OnBase can be requested by departments on an individual basis, but there is a plan to implement campus-wide in the future. If there are any questions, contact Michael.Zimmer@nau.edu.

Employee Giving Campaign with Mason Gerety and Anne Marie Mackler – The employee giving campaign began in March and is currently underway. Their goal is 25% of NAU employees giving any amount for any cause. Participation is paramount. There are many ways to contribute; some of which are Dining Scholarships for student meals, Santa’s Sleigh for employee need, Student-Employee Scholarships, etc. University Advancement will have a booth at the CSAC employee mixer this year and allow sign ups at the event as well. The giving campaign is in need of team leaders, a spokesperson in your area or department. If you are interested in assisting in this capacity, please contact Anne Marie Mackler at 3-0668. Not only are your donations tax-deductible but also, you will receive a cup of soup at the 1899 as their “give a cup, get a cup” theme states.  Departments as a whole like Sodexho give to the employee fund by donating any unused Dining Dollars yearly. Giving stories will be posted on the University Advancement website – be sure to share yours! See nau.edu/giving for additional information.

President’s Address with John Haeger – The Regents are now a more corporate-type of board and are currently streamlining their committees. Our Budget Proposals and Tuition Raise Recommendations were being reviewed. At this point NAU is essentially already spending money based on educated guesses.  Some investigations currently underway include class delivery through technology with systematic educational outcomes, having more students with less faculty through utilization of technology, and introductory courses meeting one time per week instead of two to three times per week. As far as upcoming construction on campus, the new Science and Health Building will break ground on north campus this summer and the Wall Aquatic Center is due for immediate repairs so a possible city-partnership is being looked into on that front. Performance funding will be occurring based on the number of degrees awarded, degrees in specific fields, the number of credit hours completed, and amount and type of research conducted. For Freshman, the current failure rate in gateway courses is 30-40%. We will work to reduce these percentages by possibly further developing University College and the Math Center, changing “F” to “I” grades for competencies - not moving students forward until competencies are accomplished, and addressing High School deficiencies systematically by providing remedial assistance for math, English, and hard sciences. Changes are possible through self-paced learning with technology like the Personalized Learning model, bringing all faculty up to the level of acceptable proficiency, and phasing out traditional lectures and using technology-based instruction. When people think of NAU, the brand, they should think of technology, an in-person connection, and an attendance requirement for freshman. Moving forward, we will head toward competency measurement and additional independent learning, doing away with “seat” time/credits/contact hours.

Tobacco Task Force with Melissa Griffin, Alexa Wirth, and Alexis Krueger – The task force is comprised of students, faculty, and staff. The program was first initiated in November 2011 with a first survey conducted in Spring 2012. Of those surveyed, the feedback received stated 60% wanted a smoke free campus, 80% did not want exposure to secondhand smoke, and 40% agreed that the campus should enforce a no smoking policy. To accomplish the goal of a smoke free campus, the task force will provide education on the health factors, what it means to be independent of smoking, help to promote a greener NAU (cigarette butts are the #1 littered item), and continue to spread the message that life doesn’t stop for smoke breaks. The task force is ironing out possible penalties and decisions regarding ashtrays and disposal around campus. The timeline for full implementation is Spring 2015.


SPAC Leadership Award Winners

Cathy Snow, Marcia Warden, Dan Stoffel, Don Carter

The Service Professional Advisory Council(SPAC) honored two longtime employees at the SPAC Annual Meeting and Mixer on April 18, 2013. Recipients of the Leadership Award were Marcia Warden, Manager, Employee Relations & Training and Dan Stoffel, Associate Director of the e-Learning Center.

Both were nominated by their respective supervisors for their involvement with students and programs, leadership, and service to the university. Marcia’s compassion and fairness in employee relations and Dan’s humor in addressing technology issues for faculty and students are attributes that enhance their leadership qualities. SPAC is grateful for their continued commitment and service to NAU.




  • Beth Armstrong, senior associate director in the Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid who has been elected as the 2013-2014 vice-president of the Arizona Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators.
  • The entire staff of Campus Health Services which includes Medical Services, Counseling Services, Disability Resources & Health Promotions.  This entire organization has grown & developed into a premier healthcare facility offering up-to-date, evidence-based care and treatment as well as programs designed to facilitate a healthy, successful experience for students. CHS has also become the “primary care home” to many of NAU’s faculty and staff members. A colleague says “It is a pleasure and an honor to work with these amazing individuals”. The amazing administrative, nursing & other Classified Staff @ CHS are also critical to this successful team.
  • Tara Cobourn of NAU-Extended Campuses, who played a pivotal role in helping organize and host the popular "I'm Going To College" (IG2C) program at Arizona Western College and NAU's Yuma branch campus. IG2C brings 5th graders from the local community the Yuma campus for a mini-College Day to show them that they too can go to college. The program recently won an award from the Expect More Arizona Excellence Tour! Check out their winning submission here: http://youtu.be/YM3xi33muU8.
  • Lori Rubino-Hare, Professional Development Coordinator at the Center for Science Teaching and Learning, who is on the team that helped to set up a ArcGIS statewide site license in Arizona. This allows for free ArcGIS desktop software and organizational access to ArcGIS Online to schools and youth organizations throughout Arizona. The team includes the GRAIL Lab at NAU, the Arizona Geographic Alliance and the Arizona Geographic Information Council.
  • Paul Gazda for promoting the Culture of Sustainability on the NAU campus. Paul has been staff advisor for two years for the Sustainable Landscape Maintenance project, working with 16 interns toward a campus landscape that can be maintained without harmful synthetic chemicals and with less harmful environmental impact. The project has been funded by the NAU Green Fund, and has recently been granted new funds for 2013. This funding will go toward continuing research as well as undertaking a demonstration project on the North Quad and surrounding area, collaborating with NAU Grounds to integrate sustainable methods with normal landscape maintenance operations. For more information, visit the project website at http://green.nau.edu/landscaping.
  • The Undergraduate Admissions and Orientation Recruitment Team for a fabulous recruitment year! Each team member worked diligently throughout the year with students and their parents to help them find the right college fit for them here at NAU. The incoming freshmen class is going to be bigger and better than ever before due to the Recruitment Team’s hard work and dedication. Kudos to Recruitment Team!
  • Stacy Wyman, Grant and Contract Administrator for the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences at Northern Arizona University, who has earned a nationally recognized credential in the grants field. The distinction, conferred by the Grant Professionals Certification Institute, Inc., an affiliate of Grant Professionals Association (GPA), acknowledges proficiencies in criteria including tenure in the profession, education, demonstrated achievement and a commitment to service for public and private philanthropy. Wyman joins the ranks of only eleven other Arizona residents who have earned GPC designation.
  • The service professionals on the NAU-Yuma Branch Campus, Tara Cobourn, Rosa Corona, Alvina Johnson, and Bernadette Presloid, who participated in the 2012 Socks for Seniors project. A total of 136 new pairs of socks were collected on campus and delivered to Life Care Center of Yuma residents on December 17, 2012.
Socks for Seniors   Rosie