SPAC produces at least two newsletters each academic year. The newsletter serves as the Council's communication to Service Professionals on all topics related to the Council's activities. Articles may include committee updates, professional development opportunities, and advocacy projects.

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Notes from the Chair

I want to thank all of you for being ambassadors for positivity this year, remembering that change brings opportunity!  I appreciate your energy and enthusiasm which is contagious for all on campus. We continue to strive to do the best job we can with our ultimate consideration being the student experience. We can’t lose sight of how our roles impact students and at the same time; isn’t that what drives us?!

Which leads me to encourage all of you to nominate your service professional colleagues for the SPAC Leadership Award. This award is for a service professional who has made exemplary contributions in at least two of the following areas:

  • Creativity in leadership
  • Going above and beyond the usual assignments
  • Outstanding efforts on behalf of the University
  • Significant outcomes from leadership in projects, events, committees, or other areas.
  • Excels as a role model and mentor for others
  • Demonstrates involvement with students and programs
  • Demonstrates outstanding service to the University or community

The link to download the nomination form is on the SPAC homepage. Nominations are due Monday, April 3rd! The winner will be honored at the SPAC Mixer, April 20, 3-5:30 pm in the HRM Fireside Room. This is a wonderful venue to meet new service professionals and connect with your old friends and past recipients of this prestigious award.

SPAC has some service projects coming up. We will be doing our adopt-a-trail clean-up for the City. The details are being finalized and I will notify you when we have the details. In addition, we will have a new project to support our NAU students who are in need. We are working with the first generation support staff to devise a project to provide assistance to that population.

Please share this information and be sure to attend any and all of the events that are happening as we wrap up the academic year! Keep up the good work!

Shari L. Miller, M.A., J.D. 

Chair, Service Professional Advisory Council


  • Adopt-a-Trail_map

    Adopt-a-Trail Community Clean-Up

    You are invited to join in on this SPAC service project that helps both NAU and the City! Spring has sprung and it's time to take care of our adopted avenue and trail in the woods. Please join us...bring your spouse, your kids, your (leashed) dogs - everybody can help!


    • What: Adopt-an-Avenue (and Trail) Cleanup
    • When: Saturday, April 8, 10:00am
    • Where: Meet at parking lot P65 on the east side of San Francisco Street across from the Skydome parking lot.
    • Who: Service professionals and their families, friends, and leashed dogs
    We'll provide trash bags, safety vests, plastic gloves and picker-uppers. You may want to bring your own garden/work gloves and a bottle of water. We're usually done within about an hour. Help keep Flagstaff beautiful!
    If you have any questions, please contact We hope to see you there!


  • School supplies
    School supplies

    New Spring Service Project

    This spring we will be collecting “school” supplies to help meet the needs of our first-generation students here at NAU.  Like our holiday Adopt-a-Family project, we will post a spreadsheet of requested items for you to select one or more that you would like to contribute.

    Watch for further details in a SPAC announcement email in May.  

  • Apply button
    Apply button

    SPAC Needs You!

    The NAU Service Professional Advisory Council is looking for motivated service professionals (SP’s) just like you who are interested in working in an advisory capacity for their colleagues on a wide range of issues. This is a great way to learn about other areas/departments across campus, network with fellow SP’s campus wide, and further develop your leadership skills.

    Please consider nominating a colleague – or yourself – for this opportunity!  See the SPAC homepage for more information.

University Committee Updates

SPAC continues to remain a well-informed advocate for Service Professionals by attending regular University Committee meetings and providing summary updates at each SPAC meet. These updates are published in the SPAC minutes available here.  

Campus-wide Committees

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