What do these fees do?

All fees that are in addition to your tuition help make your university experience run smoothly, safely, and offer you the best of the best.

Health and Recreation Fee

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Mandatory fee for all Flagstaff campus students, the Health and Recreation Fee supports the provision of low cost health and mental health services, public health efforts, and promotion of healthy lifestyles and choices. The fee also supports free access to a myriad of recreational opportunities and facilities including cardio and weight equipment, group fitness classes, Olympic size swimming pool, basketball, volleyball, and a climbing wall. 

Financial Aid Trust Fee

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Mandatory fee, proposed and passed in 1989 by the Arizona Legislature House Bill 2144, subjects all students to a surcharge to benefit students with financial need. All students are required to pay this fee.  

Information Technology Fee

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Mandatory fee approved by The Arizona Board of Regents in March 2006.  It enhances the university's student learning environment and increases the university’s capacities to meet digital environment expectations.  This fee will help support a wide array of technologies that are increasingly critical to university students' higher education experience.  

Student Activity Fee

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Mandatory fee for all Flagstaff campus students, the Student Activity Fee supports on-campus programs and activities that enhance campus life.  It provides free admission to the Wall Aquatic Center, free fitness classes at the Recreation Center and supports the Safe Ride program.  

Green Fee

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Mandatory fee for all Flagstaff campus students, the Green Fund Fee supports hands-on student sustainability projects, renewable energy installation, and improvements in the efficiency of water use, energy use, and waste on the Flagstaff campus. Emphasis will be placed on carrying out projects that reflect student body preferences and provide cost savings to the university. 


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Mandatory fee for all Flagstaff campus students, the ASNAU Fee (Associated Students of Northern Arizona University) supports ASNAU’s operational budget and various programs and services including extended Library hours, Student Legal Aid, Study Abroad scholarships, and increased funding for student organizations, campus activities, speakers, and performers. 

 Athletics Fee

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Mandatory fee for all Flagstaff campus students, the Athletics fee supports facilities and ongoing operations and programmatic services for athletics.

Student Health Insurance

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After reviewing your health insurance needs, you may purchase student health insurance through the LOUIE Self Service page.  Click on the Health Insurance hyperlink.  This fee is refundable if classes are dropped before the first day of the applicable term.  Students wishing to purchase health insurance for a spouse or dependent must visit Fronske Health Center to enroll.

International Student Health Insurance

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If you are an international student in the United States, you are required to purchase the Northern Arizona University Student Health Insurance. The cost of the Student Health Insurance will be automatically added to fees.

Program Fees in Addition to Tuition

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Program fees are used to support department costs including the modernization of equipment and instrumentation for instructional studies and student projects, and are used to support effective maintenance of equipment in the daily operation of the departments. To view program fees by college please click here.

Transportation Fee

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The transportation fee covers a portion of the operating costs to provide shuttle services and other transportation related expenses (bike lockers, bike registration, pedestrian/ bike path signage and improvements).  The fee is charged to Flagstaff campus students. Students who purchase a parking permit, after the charge has been posted, will be credited the fee up until mid- term of the semester.  Students assigned student teaching, an internship or study abroad, or are online students living more than 50 miles away will be returned the fee if they submit the Transportation Fee Waiver Form to Parking and Shuttle Services by the end of the fifth week each semester, fall or spring. 

Housing and Meal Plans

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Housing charges are paid by all students living in a residence hall.  All freshmen living in a residence hall are required to select a meal plan from several different plans.  Upper class students living in a dorm are not required to select a meal plan, but may do so at their discretion.


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Mandatory fee for all graduate Flagstaff Mountain Campus students, the GSG Fee (Graduate Student Government) supports GSG's operational budget and various programs and services including graduate student travel awards, extended Library hours, Student Legal Aid, funding for student organizations with primarily graduate membership, campus activities, speakers, and other activities.  

Special Class Fees

Private music lessons, skiing, fieldwork experience, etc., have fees in addition to tuition.

Graduate Matriculation Fee

The Graduate matriculation fee is a one-time admission fee charged for each new degree program or certificate. The fee covers costs for enrollment, student orientation, and other services associated with student admission processing.

Other Fees

Student ID card fee

A $25.00 fee is assessed by the ID Office when you request an identification card.

Late payment fee

A $50.00 Late Payment Fee is assessed to any tuition not paid by the payment deadline for Summer and Winter terms. 

Late registration fee

A $50.00 fee applied to your account when your initial enrollment occurs on or after the first day of the term. 

High school concurrent students

There is no difference in tuition for high school concurrent students.