Payment Plan

Fall and Spring Semester Payment Plan:

If you are unable to pay in full by the tuition payment deadlines, Northern Arizona University offers a payment plan to help you budget your education. The plan works by dividing your tuition bill into manageable payments. The payment plan is not a student loan, so there are no interest charges. Your tuition is paid in full when the plan ends. You won't have to continue making payments after graduation. Most importantly, every student can use the plan--there are no eligibility requirements or credit checks!

NOTE: If you sign-up for the payment plan, the charge is $90. If you miss the payment deadline, your tuition will be deferred and you will be charged $135. 

Self Enrollment Payment Plan:

  • easy enrollment in LOUIE
  • four interest-free consecutive monthly payments
  • no minimum required for eligibility
  • $90 per semester nonrefundable servicing fee

Payment plan due dates:

Fall, 4-month plan: August 15th – November 15th
Spring, 4-month plan: January 15th – April 15th 

Deferred payment details:

Any outstanding balance of $500 or more will automatically be deferred. 

To ensure that your fall and spring classes are saved, even if you miss the tuition payment deadline, enrolled students who have not paid their tuition and fees by the payment deadline will have their tuition deferred and charged $135. 

If you have been awarded financial aid, you will have until the tuition payment deadline to pay any balance on your tuition not covered by aid.

Summer Payment Plan:

Northern Arizona University offers a 3 month payment plan during summer term. This summer payment plan costs $50 per semester.


Tuition not paid in full or on a payment plan by the due date will result in class cancellation. Automatic tuition deferment does not occur during the summer term.


  • easy enrollment in LOUIE
  • three interest-free consecutive monthly payments
  • $50 per summer nonrefundable servicing fee

Payment plan due dates

Summer, 3-month plan: June 1st – August 1st


Easily enroll directly from your LOUIE account!

  1. Register for classes
  2. Log into your LOUIE account.  Under the Finances section, select “Enroll in a Payment Plan” from the drop-down menu
  3. Choose your semester payment plan

View your new due dates instantly!
Students will need to sign up for the payment plan for each semester they wish to be enrolled.

If you are having difficulties enrolling, please call us at 866.234.6153.


Payment Methods

After the payment plan enrollment fee is posted to your LOUIE account, please log in to make an online payment toward your Tuition Payment Plan with your Visa, Discover, MasterCard, American Express , or eCheck.

To pay with a paper check or money order please include student ID number on the paper check or money order and remit to:

Student and Departmental Account Services
Box 4096
Flagstaff, AZ 86011-4096

Deferred Payment Fee Petition

Click here for deferred payment fee petition form.