Past due accounts

A financial hold will be placed on all accounts where the balance is 7 days or more past due.  Late payment fees are applied monthly for charges that have become  thirty days past due and may be applied for charges as follows:


Past Due Amount 

Late Fee 

$20 - $50


$50.01 - $100


$100.01 - $500


$500.01 - $1,000


$1000.01 and above



Students with a financial hold will not be able to register for classes, receive refunds, obtain transcripts, diplomas or certificates of degree.  (Arizona Board of Regents Policy 4-103B)

If it becomes necessary to pursue collection of any past due account balance through outside sources (collection agency, AZ Attorney General, or local attorney) reasonable collection costs, attorney fees, court costs, and contingency fees will also be added to the outstanding balance.

Debt Set-Off (DSO)

Individuals who have defaulted on a debt with Northern Arizona University may be eligible to have their Arizona state tax refund intercepted by the university under provisions of the Arizona Revised Statutes 42-1122.

Returned Checks

Important: Any check returned by the bank will result in the assessment of a $30.00 processing fee.

Payers making payment to clear a  hold with a check should ensure that they have funds to cover the amount of the check.  If these checks are returned due to non-sufficient funds it may result in legal action.

Northern Arizona University reserves the right to refuse credit/debit cards or checks for any transaction.

Paying for the use of other university services by personal check may be disallowed for any individual who has a check returned by the bank.

If any payment tendered is unauthorized, incomplete, or received after the due date, registration fees will be considered as unpaid. 

The university reserves the right to change all fees and charges without notice. 

For additional information contact Student and Departmental Account Services in the Gammage Administration Building, by phone at 866-234-6153, or via e-mail at