Benefits of direct deposit

Receiving your money is easy, fast, and secure when you have direct deposit. Financial aid, refunds, and paychecks are directly deposited to your checking or savings account.

With direct deposit you can: 

  • expect fast, secure transfer of your money
  • stop waiting for the mail to arrive to receive your check
  • avoid a trip to the bank to cash or deposit that check
  • avoid the 10 day wait period to have a check cancelled and reissued.

To sign up, change, or cancel direct deposit, log in to LOUIE and click direct deposit. 

Direct deposit details

Be aware that:

  • requests for direct deposit remain in effect until you cancel your request on LOUIE 
  • you must update LOUIE if you change your bank account
  • your authorization affects both Payroll Office deposits and Student and Departmental Account Services deposits; Student and Departmental Account Services will deposit the balance of any financial aid and any refunds due to you from Northern Arizona University after paying current charges on your account
  • checks are not available for in-person pickup
  • if you do not sign up for direct deposit, checks are mailed to your refund address so make sure to update your address on LOUIE 

Foreign transactions

If you receive your payroll and/or student refunds via direct deposit at a US bank and then have the entire payroll or student refund amount forwarded to a bank in another country, please advise the Payroll Department if it is payroll related or Student and Departmental Account Services if it is related to a student refund. 

There are new formatting requirements for these transactions that the university needs to follow. It will not impact your payroll or student refund.

Make the switch and help the environment

Did you know that switching to direct deposit benefits the environment?  Every year, paper checks use over 674 million gallons of fuel and add 3.6 million tons of CO² to the environment.  Imagine the collective difference we could make by using direct deposit.