Women’s and Gender Studies faculty directory

Sanjam Ahluwalia, PhD

Associate Professor, History & Women's and Gender Studies

E-mail: Sanjam.Ahluwalia@nau.edu ~ Office: Liberal Arts 232

  • Women’s and Gender History
  • Transnational Feminisms
  • World History
  • Feminist theories,
  • Histories of birth control and reproductive health
  • Global feminisms

Arianne Burford, PhD

Lecturer, Women’s and Gender Studies

E-mail: Arianne.Burford@nau.edu ~ Office: SBS West 228

  • Feminist theories
  • Queer theory
  • Latina/o literature
  • Chicana feminism
  • US Third World Feminisms

Lori Couture, MEd

Teaching Faculty, Women's and Gender Studies

E-mail: Lori.Couture@nau.edu 

  • Women and Technology
  • Computer Technology

Myra Ferell-Womochil, MA

Teaching Faculty, Women's and Gender Studies

E-mail: Myra.Ferell@nau.edu ~ Office: SBS West 4

  • MARS Project
  • Community Education
  • Violence Prevention

Karla B. Hackstaff, PhD

Director, Women’s and Gender Studies

Professor of Sociology

E-mail: Karla.Hackstaff@nau.edu ~ Office: SBS West 100

  • Feminist Theories
  • Qualitative and Feminist Methodologies
  • Sociology of Gender
  • Sociology of Families
  • Gender, race and class
  • Constructions of Gender

Heather Harris, MA

Teaching Faculty, Women's and Gender Studies

E-mail: heatherfeather.harris@gmail.com 

  • Female Adolescence
  • Self Concept & Empowerment
  • Feminist Activism

Chineze Onyejekwe, PhD

Teaching Faculty, Women's and Gender Studies

E-mail: Chineze.Onyejekwe@nau.edu ~ Office: SBS West 222

  • Women and Development
  • Advancement of women
  • Globalization

Frances Julia Riemer, PhD

Professor, Educational Foundations & Women's and Gender Studies

E-mail: Frances.Riemer@nau.edu ~ Office: COE 162

  • Ethnographic and Feminist Research
  • Feminist Theory
  • Gender and Education

Richard A. Rogers 

Professor, School of Communication Women's and Gender Studies 

Julie Kalil Schutten, PhD

Assistant Professor, Communication and

Women's and Gender Studies

E-mail: Julie.Schutten@nau.edu 

  • Critical rhetoric
  • Environmental cultural studies
  • Gender/Feminist Theories

Marieke Taney 

Lecturer, Geography, Planning and Recreation and Women's and Gender Studies 

E-mail: Marieke.Taney@nau.edu 

  • Women in the Outdoors

Joe Wegwert, PhD

Assistant Professor in the College of Education

E-mail: Joe.Wegwert@nau.edu ~ Office: Eastburn 209-M

  • Gender
  • Queer Studies
  • Education

Barb White, MS, LMT

Teaching Faculty, Women's and Gender Studies

E-mail: Barbara.E.White@nau.edu ~ Office: SBS West 224

  • Gender and Violence
  • Feminist Activism
  • Peace and Healing

Philippa Winkler, PhD

Visiting Professor, Political Science

E-mail: Philippa.Winkler@nau.edu 

  • Militarism and Resource Conflicts on US and Middle East Populations
  • Practical Impacts of Non-Governmental Intervention and Transnational Feminist Activism on Global Divisions of Power

Faculty Associates

Cyndi Banks – Dept of Criminology and Criminal Justice
Geeta Chowdhry – Politics and International Affairs
Karla B. Hackstaff - Sociology
Heather Martel - History
Nancy Paxton – English
Frances Reimer – Education
Richard A. Rogers - Communication
Lindsay Wilson - History
Marsha Yowell - Communication