Meredith Heller, PhD

Meredith Heller Lecturer
Northern Arizona University
Women's and Gender Studies
Blg #70 Rm #273
Phone: 928-523-8063
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Meredith Heller is a Faculty Lecturer of Queer Studies in the Women’s and Gender Studies Program at Northern Arizona University. She specializes in queer theory and critical identity studies, with additional expertise in gender-bending performance and digital media entertainment.


  • Gender and Sexuality: queer theory, feminist theory, the body and sexuality in history
  • Performance: theatrical gender-bending and drag, US popular entertainment
  • Media Studies: digital media, television studies


Ph.D. University of California Santa Barbara (Theater Studies and Feminist Studies)
M.A. California State University, Sacramento (Theater Studies)
B.A. Pacific Lutheran University (Women’s Studies)
B.F.A. Pacific Lutheran University (Theater)


Introduction to Queer Studies
Women, Gender Identity, and Ethnicity
Feminist Theories
Advanced Readings in Queer Studies
Controversies in Cross-Dressing (graduate course)
Topics: Feminist Media Studies
Topics: What is “Gaga Feminism”?
Topics: The Politics of Representation
Topics: The Intersexed Body in History

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