Bachelor of Science in Women’s and Gender Studies

Our Bachelor of Science requires 36 units, taken across a wide range of disciplines. The Women's and Gender Studies  Program encourages you to grow as an interdisciplinary thinker by providing core courses steeped in broad methods and theories and allowing you to take courses across different established disciplines that focus on women or gender. These varied courses will inform you of other schools of thought that can be applied or improved by women’s and gender studies’ methodologies.

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Courses can focus on topics such as:

  • women and film
  • women writers
  • women and politics
  • women in other cultures
  • women and history 
  • gender and communication
  • gender and violence 
  • gender and nature
  • masculinities 
  • queer artists and writers
  • sexualities and race 
  • global feminisms

Whatever you are interested in, find your unique course of study.