Alumni Achievements

Women's and Gender Studies Alumni Achievements

  • Caitlin Magoffin, 2013: R.N. at Our Lady of the Lake hospital in Baton Rouge, LA
  • Chelsea Byers, 2012:  Arizona Students' Association, a Director, through ASNAU.
  • Sara Johnston, 2012:  AmeriCorp Teacher, in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
  • Shannon Cassidy, 2012: Intern, in the Washington DC office of Representative Ann Kirkpatrick
  • Sarah Prior (Flett), 2008 (Graduate Certificate):  Ph.D. in Justice Studies from Arizona State University, 2012.

Women's and Gender Studies Alumni Testimonials

 "Majoring in Women's and Gender Studies was one of the most influential, if the not the most, experiences of my life to date. Every class I took, starting from the first introductory course, shook my world and turned my mind inside out. I learned how to critically analyze large bodies of texts and ideas, and how to express my thoughts clearly and concisely both verbally and in writing. Each and every teacher pushed me to my limits with regards to how I view my self, my relationships, and the world at large. I questioned everything I knew and in turn, strived for something new. I wanted to see a difference; more importantly, I wanted to be the difference. The Women's and Gender Studies program supported me in these pursuits, both educationally and personally. As a direct result of this program and the dedicated and passionate professors and staff, I pursued a law degree in order to better effectuate the change I sought. I graduated from law school in May 2014 and now hold a Juris Doctorate. For these accomplishments and so much more, I have the Women's and Gender Studies program to thank." --Devan Michael

"As a graduate of the NAU WGS program I was able to build a foundation in social justice knowledge and skills that led me to currently be earning a Master of Social Work from the Jane Addams program at the University of Illinois-Chicago." --Becky Frale

"My experience in the WGS program provided me with a lens for viewing the world both strategically and compassionately - I am able to see the complex problems our world faces and understand why making positive change matters.  After graduating, I worked at a Los Angeles based nonprofit organization that focused on providing better education and nutrition to low-income communities.  This year I will graduate with my Master's degree from Wake Forest University School of Divinity.  My WGS degree provided me with the foundational knowledge I needed to branch my studies out into the areas of feminist and queer theology.  After I graduate, I hope to make my faith community a more liberative place for women and LGBT people.  I wouldn't have made it down this path without the wonderful education I received through NAU's Women's and Gender Studies program." --Jessica Place