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    Park Ranger Program

    The College of Social and Behavioral Sciences’ Park Ranger Training Program is one of only a few nationally accredited programs that provide the training required to work as a seasonal park ranger in law enforcement in the National Park Service. Since 1998, more than 800 students have completed the NAU PRTP program. Students learn first-hand, from experienced instructors, law enforcement work within the park system and go through outdoor training courses. In February, students went through a training on what to do during a vehicle accident involving an animal (pictured). “This is my dream career, and I like that we get hands-on experience in everything that we do.” student, Stephanie Lowe, stated during the training. 

    The Park Ranger Training Program was recently featured on NAU-TV! NAU has one of only a few nationally accredited Park Ranger programs that provides training for Park Rangers in law enforcement within the national park service. Director of the Park Ranger Training Program, Mark Maciha, said, "We have rangers all over the country, I don't think there is anyone working in Glenn Canyon that didn't come through this program." To watch the full video, click here

    The program is offered for either college credit with 12 credit hours that can be used towards a bachelor’s degree. It is also offered as a non-credit, this is an option for people who have already completed an undergraduate degree; the program fee is $6500. Applications are accepted on a continual basis. Selections for the fall semester (August-November) are generally made in May and selections for the spring semester (January-April) are determined in September. There is a high demand for the program and early applications are encouraged. The class size is limited to 26 students. For more information visit http://www.prm.nau.edu/rangers/     

Bill Carter is an Assistant Professor of Practice in Creative Media and Film in the School of Communications and he teaches several classes including Documentary Production, Screenwriting and Filmmaking techniques. What most people may not know, he is also a critically acclaimed author of three nonfiction books, Fools Rush In, Red Summer and Boom, Bust, Boom. Fools Rush In, will most likely be turned into a film! His books have won multiple awards, and were translated into seven different languages. He was also the director of the documentary film Miss Sarajevo, which won multiple awards such as the Golden Hugo Award. Bill literally is an assistant professor of practice due to the experience and success he gained as a writer, filmmaker and environmental activist around the world over the last decades. We recently interviewed his class CMF 336 - Documentary Production, pictured above, to find out what his students think about his class. These students stated unanimously that the best thing about this class was Bill Carter himself. He took the time to work individually with each student to develop the documentaries. Some comments from students included: "He is the best teacher I've had at NAU", "He got the best out of me", "I wish he would teach all my classes" and "He is a very hands-on teacher". Thumbs up for Bill's class CMF 336 - Documentary Production! Find out more about Bill Carter on his webpage.